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William’s wife, Rose Hanbury, was present at the coronation.


  • Who is the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Kate Middleton’s rival

Marchioness 39, Rose Hanbury is a former model who has been close with William and Kate for many years. At several of our public events, we were photograph together to laugh or talk. However, as of 2019, this relationship has ended. 2019 is when rumors of the conflict between William and Ross spread around the world. A situation where – frankly – the person directly involved never commented.

  • Rose Hanbury away from Kate Middleton

During the coronation, unlike what has happened several times in the past, Kate and Rose’s paths never crossed. The original model wore a black and white dress with a pair of shoes with a bow at the back. According to Brit, the shoes Meghan Markle has worn more than once represent the way Hanbury taunts Kate. Even the dress was reminiscent of the black and white dress Middleton had worn the day before. The same color the Marquise had chosen hours later. The British press watched Rose throughout the ceremony until they concluded that William and William would not exchange for a second.

However, Rose Hanbury, William and Kate never met during the ceremony. They can never cross. In the picture, the Marquise and model are wearing a black and white dress with a pair of shoes that we saw previously worn by Meghan Markle. To Brit, the gesture was an insult to Kate. she’s wearing the same dress Middleton wore the day before.

A few hours later, Marquise Rose Hanbury resubmitted all proposals. During the coronation of King Charles, he also put an end to the rumors by warning that William and William would not exchange for a moment, which was not an interesting escape from the British media.

Not all! His sons Oliver and George Jr. are among Her Majesty’s officers.

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