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Who will win the WTC Test Stick? Australia more equal, India starting to lag behind


A gold plated ball appears on the mace as a prize and a cash prize of Rs 13.21 awaits the winner of WTC. But nothing is more valuable than pride and pride.

The sun shines on every shot of Arundel and Beckenham. India and Australia’s World Cup training grounds at the Oval. And the weather gets brighter in the summer as the photos are taken. But summer in England is different from India and Australia. The sun never shines like India; Not as scorching as Australia. Some of the Indian players wore trench coats and floppy hats. And some of the Australians had not changed in hats and shirts at Formby Golf Club.

The only weather set between the two teams ahead of the event at the Oval to crown the new king of Test cricket. There are no notes, tours, bullshit or general remarks after rushing and sweating. The burgundy, hand-sewn Dukes pack is full of quirks. There is an unknown step to be overcome – no Tests were play at the Oval in June. After the IPL held in India this summer. The character of the Championship must be repeat and music.

This is the attraction and rivalry of the final World Test Championship, a two-year competition determined by a match at the centre.

It is serious that one bad day can ruin two years of the same sweat and success, which is why some argue that our society has a wiser way of deciding on the name; In addition to the highest test of all virtues in sport, and the reward of courage and resilience to keep the day and the hour to get the best score of five, it’s fair to say that the referee alone is less exciting and rigid. Play with knowledge and pressure, not 15 or 20 or whatever. There is no chance of escape.

So some uncertainty is inevitable. For example, India is jealous of Australian sailors WTC. Who are likely to cause disaster in the UK, or curse the calendar as the final is scheduled less than 10 days after the IPL final. Three of them – Shubman Gill, Mohammed Shami, Ajinkya Rahane and Ravindra Jadeja – competed in the last three days. With the exception of Cheteshwar Pujara and KS Bharat, who have become urban legends, they are lock in IPL duty until the last week of May.

As they are used to regular IPL grinding, there is some fatigue from this. Australians, on the other hand, are relatively WTC new to the IPL, with only Cameron Green, Mitchell Marsh and David Warner regulars.

You can hear the echoes of India’s last slope at the top of the WTC. New Zealand played a warm-up, free spins two-Test series against England, but still became champions. India wants only one match in the group. The damage was predictable. Character and thoughts such as Fatigue will put to the test.

Even after careful planning and a long period of adjustment, England is a difficult place to conquer. A week of irrelevant exposure, almost a joke. True, most players on both sides have played a lot on these shores with success, breaking runs or wicket approaches, but the case is significant. Just like being friends with a stranger, you need to trust again.

No doubt foreknowledge helps because many balls need to be drop, punching while rising is dangerous, brushing the line and hurting ourselves is a disaster; Late swings should be longer, short pieces can be border bait and offer little return from line to log. Even athletes and athletes have to measure the speed of the wind to make decisions. The ball passes by the batsman, making life difficult for the catcher.

This is where Australia has a definite advantage over India, which has won four of the last four Tests in these two places. They landed a week before the Indians. Two of its best batsmen, Marnus Labuschagne (200 in the last five games) and Steve Smith have played city cricket. The same goes for (too much horror) Marcus Harris and Michael Neiser.

Smith and Labuschagne also have better careers in the UK. Labuschagne averages 50.
42; Si 65.08. India’s best batsman of this generation Virat Kohli averaged 33.65; Pujara scored the lowest (31); The corresponding figure of Ajinkya Rahane is 25.47.
Shubmangier conceded just 21 rounds in two games in his single Test. Rohit Sharma averaged 44.56 laps per game and was India’s best batsman in England last year.

Sad numbers do not mean India is doom, they are experience and influential. Rahane has long been an inspiring fighting force for Test-cricket; Kohli is the batsman from the crisis of the century. Pujara is having a good season in the city and Gill is the most talented batsman in the world.

A fascinating duel – the power of Indian strikers and the craftsmanship of Australian sailors. It may be that the Indian hitters have beaten Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc without much skirmishing in both Australia and India in the last four innings. But Cummins and his team will be more dangerous in England when there’s a small explosion around and they start swinging the ball in both directions except for quick catches. Cummins captured 29 forts in 19 forts.

62 in five games; Starc’s threat rarely taints England – his final Ashes have reduce to a game – but you know the left-hand pace can compete against a bunch of hitters who fear they’ll be late in the ducks. The exclusion of Josh Hazlewood gave little respite as Scott Boland and Neser were unable to turn down a chance to claim the Ashes, which received more attention from the Australian media than the WTC final.

How will India covet Australia’s speed stock? In the absence of Jasprit Bumrah, the brunt of the attack will fall on Mohammad Sami’s shoulders. She’s a good bowler, a sewing artist, and can handle the most menacing line-ups, but there is uncertainty about her.

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