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What Mahendra Singh Dhoni missed is Ishan Kishan able to do in the Tests?


Like Mahendra Singh Dhoni from Jharkhand, Ishan Kishan prefers white cricket to red ball. Test cricket is not Dhoni’s favorite form but he has close to 100 Test clubs. Recently, Dhoni’s guardian Kishan may also get an opportunity to try out Test cricket. But just as Dhoni had some luck early on in her career. It now seems like something is happening for Kishan. If

Dhoni had the chance in 2005 as contemporaries. Parthiv Patel and Dinesh Karthik failed to secure a spot on the team. Kishan took his time as his contemporaries Rishabh Pant and then KL Rahul were unavailable.

On that tour, Mahendra Singh Dhoni traveled with captain Sourav Ganguly. So Rohit Sharma was instrumental in convincing the selectors to go to Kishan. Currently playing for Mumbai Indians, Rohit and Kishan have known each other for a long time.

Many commentators wonder why Wriddhiman Saha or Sanju Samson was not sent to London as a defensive assistant. The simple answer is that Kishan was part of the Indian team in the previous test. In the closing stages, KS Bharat and Suryakumar Yadav took their Test caps, but Kishan’s bid remained strong.

Talking about Samson, he may not consider himself the best contender in cricket right now. As his state has not played a role for Kerala. As for the Field, Rahul Dravid told him last year that he will focus on young players in the future. The field is currently scoring well in this IPL and is also good at keeping the target. So, until a few years ago, former player Saba Karib was the choice and supporter of Saha’s prediction to pick the WTC team. Former India captain and coach Anil Kumble turned down Saba Karim’s offer.

But Dravidian didn’t move, and now only Kishan has a ticket to London. Maybe Saha’s acceptance could lift Kishan’s morale if a more experienced player becomes the first pick. Because the first week of June is not easy for the oval, the holder or the batsman. If you think Dravidian saw such qualities in Kishan and supported him for a crucial exam in a difficult situation like England, then it is important to say that this is the first year of 2016. Dravidian was captain in the U.-19 World Cup. As a captain at the time, Dravidian thought Kishan was a better captain than Rishab Pant.

In Kishan’s mind, good and bad are a good combination. The writer came to the stadium to meet Kishan for an interview in Ranchi a few months ago. The main question in the Q&A is also what kind of paper he likes. Kishan said he likes to bowl freely but if he gets the chance to score three centuries in the red ball in the future it will be the ultimate success. However, Pant and KL know he can’t play cricket with Rahul, but his desire is to make his own mark on the ultimate game of cricket.

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