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What is LI-FI ? How does it work? difference between Li-Fi and Wi-Fi


Technology and the Internet are developing very fast, meanwhile, you must have heard about Li-Fi on the Internet. This is the latest technology in which you can access the internet through light. Still, many people do not have the right knowledge of Li-Fi, so they keep searching on the Internet, Li-Fi Kya Hai In Hindi.

If you also do not have information about Li-Fi, then read this article till the end, in this, we have given you complete information about Li-Fi.

What is the full form of Li-Fi?

The full meaning of Li-Fi is Light Fidelity, Li-Fi was invented by Professor Harald Haas in the year 2011. He was the first to generate bandwidth of up to 10MBPS using visible light from an LED bulb.

This light wave will be used for data transmission. This light wave is called D-light. Wi-Fi is based on radio frequencies, in contrast, Li-Fi is actually based on light, capable of exchanging data up to 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. Is.

What is Li-fi?

Li-Fi is a wireless technology that uses LEDs to transmit data. It works 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. VLC (Visible Light Communication) is used to send data under this technique.

To make data transfer faster, LED (Light) is used and you can estimate the speed of light, and how fast it is, Radio Frequency is used in Wi-Fi but in Li-Fi It is based on light.

Light speed is considered to be the fastest speed in the world, the speed which we cannot measure with an ordinary scale, due to which the speed of life is 20 times faster than WiFi, the ability to exchange data, and the use of data in life. For this, LED (light) bulb is used, whose technology has been prepared by Data Visible Light Communication (VLC).

How does LiFi work

Like all Internet Devices work, LiFi also works. Before knowing how it works, you should know which components are being used in it. Mainly these are 3 components.

1. Lamp Driver

2. LED Lamp

3. Photo Detector

Along with these three components, you need another connection which we and you call the Internet. Already I have given you some information, it transmits data through lights.

There are some characteristics of LED bulbs. Due to the Light Emitting Diode and Fluorescent component in LED bulbs, it is the right component for LiFi.

LiFi requires a high-speed data rate and LED bulbs transmit data at the speed of light. The Light Intensity in these LED Bulbs keeps on changing very fast. Light is sometimes On and sometimes Off.

Human Eyes can never see these LIght On and Off. But Photo Detector can see all this. Due to all these reasons, the LED bulb is the best. To understand the working of LiFi, you had to understand the LED.

History of Li-Fi Technology in Hindi

In the year 2011, Professor Harald Haas of Edinburgh University talked about Li-Fi technology, he is considered the father of Li-Fi technology. In the year 2013, his company commercially released the world’s first Li-Fi technology.

2011, when Harald Haas introduced people to Li-Fi technology, only after that he started a company called PureLiFi. Earlier the name of this company was PureVLC.

The Li-Flame, introduced in 2015, was the first Li-Fi product to support wireless mobile communication.

In 2017 the LiFi-XC System was launched, it is a Plug And Play system that works with USB devices. In the future, it can be integrated into smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Development is still going on in Li-Fi technology, it is believed that very soon this technology will become very popular and every user will be able to use it.

Uses of Li-Fi in Hindi

Following are some of the major uses of Li-Fi –

  1. It is used in airlines because it does not interfere with the equipment of the aircraft relying on radio waves like its radar.
  2. Li-Fi is used in underwater exploration because light can travel through water.
  3. Li-Fi is used in the operation theater of the hospital because the effect of light on medical equipment is very less.
  4. Li-Fi is also used in offices and homes for data transmission and internet browsing.

Advantages of Li-Fi in Hindi

The following are the advantages of Li-Fi technology –

  1. Interference is less in Li-Fi.
  2. Data can be transmitted securely through Li-Fi technology, so this technology is very beneficial to prevent activities like hacking.
  3. The speed of Li-Fi is very high compared to Wi-Fi.
  4. Since light can travel through water, this technology can be used in the oceans.
  5. Li-Fi is a cheap and efficient technology as compared to Wi-Fi technology.
  6. Through Li-Fi every light source can provide you internet facility

The disadvantage of Li-Fi

  1. The following are the disadvantages of Li-Fi –
  2. To access the Internet through Li-Fi, it is necessary to have a Light Source, without Light Source you cannot use Li-Fi technology.
  3. The range of Li-Fi is limited, it can cover an area of ​​up to 10 meters only.
  4. A separate network is required for Li-Fi connection.
  5. Installing Li-Fi can be expensive at the present time, but it is more likely that in the future there will be further ground improvement in this technology which can reduce its cost.

Differences between LiFi and WiFi

We have told you the major differences between Li-Fi and Wi-Fi in the table below.

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)Wi-Fi  (Wireless Fidelity)
In Li-Fi technology, data is transmitted through light.In Wi-Fi technology, data is transmitted through Radio Waves.
LED bulb is used to transmit data in Li-Fi.Transmits data via a Wi-Fi router.
Li-Fi is used for Internet browsing in airlines, underwater exploration, operation theatres, offices, and homes.Internet is accessed through Wi-Fi Hotspots.
The speed of transmitting data is about 1 Gbps.Capable of transmitting data ranging from 150Mbps to a maximum of 2Gbps.
Light is prevented from passing through walls, so the transmission of data is safe.The wall cannot stop radio waves, so another technology has to be resorted to secure the data.
Li-Fi can cover distances up to 10 meters only.Wi-Fi can cover a distance of up to 32 meters. (varies depending on transmit power and antenna type)
LED Bulb, LED Driver, and Photo Detector components are used in Li-Fi.Router, modem, and access point are used in Wi-Fi.
Its frequency is 10 thousand times higher than that of radio waves.The frequencies of radio waves are up to 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz, and 5 GHz.

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