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What is Blockchain Technology and how does it work?


What is Blockchain Technology (What is Blockchain Technology in Hindi) and where is Blockchain Technology used, and how is it used? In this article, we will discuss what is blockchain. And we are going to know about all the important information related to it. If you read this article completely, then I have full hope that you will not need to read any article after this on Google.

There is a connection between blockchain and bitcoin. Ever since people came to know about bitcoin, since then people have also shown awareness to know about blockchain. If you want to know what technology is used behind bitcoin, then you must read about blockchain. No one knew about blockchain before, ever since people came to know about cryptocurrencies, blockchain has become popular.

The way use of cryptocurrencies or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) has gradually increased, in the same way, blockchain technology is also becoming important. This technology has now started coming into the daily life of the common man as well. The way we are using online services in our daily life, many of them are based on blockchain technology. However, we do not know about it. After reading this article, you will get answers to all the questions related to blockchain in your mind. Let us first know, what is Blockchain –

What is Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a type of blockchain, which consists of many blocks. Information is stored in each block. It is used to fix a digital document at a particular time. So that they cannot be backdated in any way or tampered with in any way. Blockchain technology is useful to get rid of the problem of two records without using a central server. There is a complete record of digital transactions inside the blockchain.

With the help of this technology, digital goods, money, or assets can be easily exchanged without any third-party mediation other than any bank or government. Blockchain technology is completely secure, the most important thing about it is that once the data is entered inside the blockchain, it cannot be changed in any way. Simply put, blockchain is a type of digital ledger.

How Does Blockchain Technology Work

As mentioned above, a record of digital information is kept in the blockchain. Once a transaction is added to the blockchain, it cannot be removed or destroyed. Blockchain technology is also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Through this, the transaction of digital currency is easily transferred from one place to another without any bank, government, or third party. After this, this data is encoded with full security in the block by cryptography technology. Many blocks together form a public ledger, which we call Blockchain.

Uses of Blockchain Technology

Till now what is Blockchain Technology? Have to go about it. You must have come to know about such important information related to blockchain. Let us now know, the use of Blockchain Technology (Blockchain Technology Used for) –

1. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies primarily use blockchain to keep records of transactions. Two prominent examples are the Bitcoin network and the Ethereum network, which are based on the blockchain.

2. Financial Services

Nowadays blockchain is also being used in financial services. Many banks have shown interest in introducing distributed ledger in their banking service. And many banks have partnered with private blockchain companies. Banks are more interested in blockchain technology because of the speed with which the office settlement system works.

3. Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are managed by the blockchain, which can potentially be executed without any human interaction. One of the main purposes of smart contracts is Automated Escrow. The key feature of smart contracts is that smart contracts do not require any trusted trustee as a mediator between the contracting institutions. The blockchain network self-executes all the contracts.

4. Domain Name

Through blockchain technology, efforts have been made to run Domain Name Services in many different ways. Domains run through the blockchain can be managed through a private key. Which claims to give permission to uncensored websites.

5. Real Estate

In some places, blockchain technology is used in real estate. For example, if you are digging a piece of land, then you will have to get old information about it. Earlier in whose name that land was, when you buy it, it becomes in your name. In such a situation, you become the owner of the land in all the documents. But many times the name is changed in the online document.

But if blockchain technology is used in it, then no changes can be made in it. If anyone tries to fraudulently change it online, it is detected immediately.

Types of Blockchain Technology

Just as there are many types of all technology, in the same way, there are four types of blockchain technology, which include Public Blockchain, Private Blockchain, Consortium Blockchain, and Hybrid Blockchain. Let us know, the complete information about the four types of blockchain networks –

1. Public Blockchain

There is no restriction of any kind in the Public Blockchain network. With its help, any person who uses the internet can do transactions. And can also become a Verifier as well. Typically, such networks provide people with an economic incentive to protect themselves. People can use any type of Proof of Stake or Proof of Work Algorithm. Some of the most popular public blockchain networks are the Bitcoin blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain.

2. Private Blockchain

In a Private Blockchain, no one can use it without Network Administrators. No one can join a private blockchain unless the blockchain network administrators invite someone to it. There is a restriction on the access of Participants and Validators in this network. To differentiate between open blockchain and other peer-to-peer decentralized database applications, it does not have computer clusters. The term Distributed Ledger (DLT) is commonly used for private blockchains.

3. Hybrid Blockchain

Hybrid Blockchain has a combination of Centralized and Decentralized. However which part of Centralized and Decentralized is used? Depending on this, the exact functioning of the blockchain may differ.

4. Side Chain

The side chain is a designation for the blockchain ledger, which runs parallel to the primary blockchain. Entries from the primary blockchain can be linked to side chains. Which allows other primary blockchains to operate independently. For example, using alternative means of keeping all records.

History of Blockchain 

There is no clear information about the origin of blockchain technology. But it is believed that blockchain was invented by a person named Pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto or a team with this name for Cryptocurrency. The pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto was active in bitcoin and blockchain until about 2010, but it suddenly disappeared from there.

Who has no news till now? Even though there is no photo of him on the Internet, if we talk about his Wikipedia page, then there is not much information about Satoshi Nakamoto. A statue of him has been made in Budapest, in which the symbol of Bitcoin is made on his left.

Benefits of Blockchain

There are many types of fraud going on online. The data of many big companies need cyber security. To avoid all these and for better security, blockchain is very beneficial, let us know what are the benefits of blockchain –

Trustworthy – If you use blockchain technology, it is completely trustless. Under this, only those people can access your data, to whom you provide access. You always get accurate data.

Strong Security – The security of the blockchain is very strong. All the transactions that take place here are accurate, in which no change can be made in any way. Because here all the data is recorded permanently. even system administrators

More Efficiencies – Blockchain is more Efficiencies. In which the Distributed Ledger is shared among the members of the network. Due to this, all the time wasted and suspense records get over. Smart contracts can be stored on the blockchain to increase the speed of transactions, and automatic execution can be done.

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