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Uncoupled season 2 release date, Cast and Plot


Uncoupled season 2 Neil Patrick Harris teaming up with Sex and the City creator Darren Star for an LGBTQ+ romantic sitcom? We were sold before a second of Uncoupled hit our screens.

And wouldn’t you know it, we enjoyed it just as much as we thought we would, and now after zooming through eight episodes faster than someone on a Tinder swiping spree, we’re desperate to know what the future holds for Michael.

But will we get answers? Or will it all be left hanging in the balance?

Here’s everything you need to know about Uncoupled‘s future, or if they’re going to disappear on us without explanation.

Must Read 1899 Season 2: Release date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Uncoupled season 2 plot

The end of season one ended on a cliffhanger with Colin having second thoughts about his split with Michael.

After a sweet reunion at the Jonathans’ wedding, Colin went to Michael’s apartment to ask him to give their 17-year relationship another chance. Thing is, now Michael is finally finding his feet and figuring out life on his own, will he want to go back to someone who broke his heart? Or is it just a little too late?

Meanwhile, Billy got a rude awakening when he was confronted with his promiscuous life by a guy he finally started to like. When his old habits died hard and he got the number of a waiter at the wedding. A heartbroken Wyatt scolded him for his behavior and now he’s second-guessing if casual sex is enough for him.

But all of them will have to put their fears aside for the biggest challenge of them all – Stanley being diagnosed with stage one breast cancer and having to undergo treatment.

The diagnosis shocked him and even brushed-off jokes weren’t enough to hide how shaken they all were by the heart of the group having such a worrying diagnosis.

Cast Of Season 2 Of Uncoupled?

Here is a list of the actors and actresses who will hopefully play the same roles again. Neil Patrick Harris and Tuc Watkins will definitely be back. Billy and Stanley will also be played again by Emerson Brooks and Brooks Ashmanskas.

We can also look forward to Tisha Campbell playing Suzanne again. Claire, who Marcia Gay Harden played, should also be played again by Marcia Gay Harden. Since the show has been renewed, we might also meet new people.

Release Date:

We won’t know when season two will come out until we know for sure that it will come out. Still, if season 2 does happen, we’d like it to come out in 2023. Hoping for the best. We’ll keep you updated when we hear anything new.

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