Thursday, June 1, 2023

Tick virus detected in UK, health agency warns: What we know so far


The UK Health Authority (UKHSA) reported that a tick-borne disease causing severe meningitis-like symptoms has been observed in many parts of the UK. The organization recommends modifying clinical trials to prevent the spread of tick-borne diseases. England and Scotland are stepping up surveillance of the virus after health officials were alarmed, the BBC reported.

It was stated that they were trying to detect the virus in blood samples taken from people who did not show symptoms in the Yorkshire region, where health authorities were also confirmed.

UKHSA said there have been three suspected or confirmed cases of tick-borne encephalitis in the UK since 2019, with the first confirmed case in the UK being last year.
The virus has also been detected in the Hampshire/Dorset and Norfolk areas.

A spokesperson for the ministry of health said that information about the disease has now been released as it is the beginning of the tick season, Reuters reported.

UKHSA Deputy Director Meera Chand said: “Our analysis shows that tick-borne encephalitis is very rare in the UK,” said Ticks also carry a number of diseases, including Lyme disease, so please take steps to reduce your infection.

Tick-borne disease is common in many countries around the world.The symptoms of this disease range from asymptomatic transmission to severe central nervous system disease such as fever, arthritis, confusion or forgetfulness in some cases.
Although the UK public health agency says the risk from this disease is low, early detection can be beneficial as the disease remains asymptomatic. The health department recommends that people regularly check their clothes and body for ticks after spending time outside.

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