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The Tony Awards telecast made history for the party by putting on a strong show despite the Hollywood protests.


The candid, funny, sad musical “Kimberly on her hips” made more headlines Sunday night. As Broadway flexed its muscles in the face of a Hollywood writers’ strike and embraced. The contending Tony Awards for Best New Musical with full force. ..

NEW YORK – Broadway Sunday night made history with embattled Hollywood writers and non-duo actors J. Harrison Ghee and Alex Newell. Featuring lyrics by Jeanine Tesori and a book by David Lindsay-Abaire. “Kimberly Akimbo” is about a teenager with a rare genetic disorder. And an average life expectancy of 16. Who struggles with home, bad people, and lifestyle in high school love. Victoria Clark, who starred in the play, added a second Tony to her trophy box. Above all, She had previously won with “Plaza Lights” in 2005.

Producer David Stone praised the musical’s writers for writing magic tricks. And said “Kimberly’s hands on her hips”. Is “a refined, deep and funny, almost impossible musical comedy about the body without life energy”.

First, Tony Award History was made. When they became the first non-binary people to win a Tony for their performances of Newell and Ghee. Last year, “Six” composer and writer Toby Marlowe became the first non-binary Tony Award winner.

Music director Win Ghee, who starred in “Some Like It Hot” based on the classic action movie, said, “Thank you guys. Thank you to my great company for supporting me every day.” Emotional Ghee stunned the audience with her voice and dancing skills, playing a musician trying to dress and change – running away from gangsters.

Playing Lulu in “The Husk,” an independent actress who doesn’t need anyone, Newell captivated the audience with her signature number “Independently Owner”. They won the award for Best Actor in a Musical. “Thank you for coming to see me. I shouldn’t be here as a gay, non-binary, fat little black man from Broadway, Massachusetts. For anyone who thinks you can’t, I’ll look at you.”

Tony Awards in Tom Stoppard’s Leopoldstadt, which explores Jewish identity through different stories, won the Best in Show award for best performance, director Patrick Marber, Costumes starring Brandon Uranowitz, and Brigitte Reiffenstuel. Five Tony Award winners for best screenplay joked that it won the first in 1968, and when playwrights said it was “the inverse of the inverted pyramid,” But “the price in the food chain gradually losing value”.

The Tony Awards host Ariana DeBose turned a blank slate and stood up and kicked off with a busy opening number for what is usually an intimate night to bring joyful, safe and fiery electric shocks. A writers protest mandated the holding of the legendary awards ceremony. The location of the new location away from the theatre, praise the best music and games. Later that evening, she thanked the union, who was almost out of breath after her speech, for making peace.

“I was broadcasting live, not writing. You might admit, he said, “For those who think last year wasn’t a bit impactful, I say to them, ‘Well, fasten your seat belts.’

The winners presented their badges of support for the great writer on the runway or on the red carpet. The Best Actor Tony award winner Sydney Brustein’s Sign speech at the Window. “My family convinced me. The workforce and workers are paid and treated fairly. We stand in solidarity with the WGA! Jodie Comer, the three-time Emmy-nominated star of

Killing Eve, makes her Broadway debut with a male lead Prima Facie Winner Actress Best Current Show of Sexual Violence

Sean Hayes won Best Actor for Best Actor. Night, the wound of the long night around Oscar Pianist Oscar Levant, is no longer recognized but once a star.

“It must be the first time an Oscar has won a Tony,” Hayes joked. Underdog, “The Pulitzer Prize-winning drama about competition, inequality, and humanity’s false promises, won the Tony Award for best supporting actor. Thanks to Director Kenny Leon and Stars Corey Hawkins and Yahya Abdul-Martin II: “They’re on Earth. which usually doesn’t need people like us at all.

Bonnie Milligan, who won the Best Actress Award in a Drama with ‘Kimberly Akimbo’, gave a message to her audience: ‘I want to tell everyone, the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re not beautiful enough, if you’re not healthy, if you’re not the right person, if you’re in love with the wrong person.

“Guess what?” He continued waving his mug. “Yes, you are.

During the preview of Skylar Astin and Julianne Hough, many gifts such as costumes, sound, lighting and sets were stepped up to ensure the public was satisfied with the acceptance of the talk, but a bit of fun. The preview of Pluto revealed some unpleasant footage, with some people commenting on some of the comments. It was so fast that it was over 10 minutes before CBS started.

96-year-old John Kander, composer of major shows such as “Chicago,” “Cabbaria,” and “The Scottsboro Boys,” received a special lifetime achievement award. “A big one,” he said.

He thanked his parents; her husband, Albert Stephenson; and music that “is a friend of my life and promises to be with me until the end.”

Jennifer Gray gives another successful life to ‘Cabarium’ star Joel Gray’s father.

He said, “Recognition in the acting world is a gift because he is always my biggest and longest love next to my children.” Actor.

“The Parade” – A musical love story set against the backdrop of the massacres and lynchings in Georgia before World War I – won the 1999 Tony Awards for New Musical – Won Best Original Score and Michael Arden Best Director . a piece of music.

“‘Parade’ tells the life story of one group of people who believe they are more valuable than others and what they will do. Stories that deserve more justice and are shorter,” Arden said. “This belief is at the root of anti-Semitism, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia and all forms of intolerance. We must be united. We must fight against it.”

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