Thursday, June 1, 2023

The new version of the Mercedes showed us – and what is still hidden


Mercedes has only announced a few updates to its Formula 1 2023 car at the Monaco Grand Prix so far. But the scale of the changes is clear.

We saw some angles of the revised front suspension and crisp images of the new sidepods. Confirming some expectations for the package to improve mechanical and aerodynamic components.

It is difficult to pinpoint the company’s details for a variety of reasons. Limited angles, non-vehicle-attached side bulkheads, and lack of floor plan.

Even if the car is fully open to the hood. We can only see the changes on the ground as the real details below.

However, we can draw preliminary conclusions about how the suspension of the new front.  And side compartments differs from the previous one. How they want to achieve it. Mercedes has clearly seen the importance of managing. The platform better with its mechanical changes and talks a lot about it with body changes.

The front suspension moves the front of the heart, with a slight bend instead of a straight arm. The nose bridge has a ridge to match it.

But so far we can’t seen if the poster apex of the heart is also set low. We need the side view to measure the angle. The Red Bull operates with a front dive preventer of about 45 degrees. The previous Mercedes had only about 15 degrees. Mercedes changes appeared to increase the angle.

While the new Mercedes sidepods now have horizontal (not vertical) radiator intakes. They are not as undercut as Red Bull or Aston Martin.

This was almost because Mercedes was limit to the current cockpit position and side-impact models, unable to create such a solid interior.

uses the same chassis as before in this version. This may explain why the Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) wing looks slightly change, but is still expose and now sits behind the multiform sidepod.

Thus, the Mercedes looks like a repetition of the traditional side partitions at the attachment points; This means abandoning the previous special, less diminutive design, some of which extend away from the body, leaning back during the Aston Martin-like downward styling.

However, this one looks more understated than other known variants of the model, with images seen so far showing a rare “waterslide” sound on the outer edges and engine body.

As this is the first iteration of Mercedes’ design and is built around vehicle and engine architecture. There may more room for further development.

One aspect of the new Mercedes design that will stand out in the car’s overall appearance is the revised wider side baffles and the high-pressure cannon hiding in the hood, which, together with the downdraft, will leave a larger rear area.

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