Thursday, June 1, 2023

Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran shared the company’s ChatGPT production system plans


Chandrasekaran added that training is a core competency of the company. They are developing pilot projects to explore. The potential of AI and machine learning to impact jobs, skills and environmental management experience. In a candid interview with BT MindRush and Business Today. Chandrasekaran discusses artificial intelligence and Tata Group’s future plans for new disruptive technologies.

Chandrasekaran, “Artificial intelligence will be disruptive, we can talk about Tata ChatGPT every day. It will change the dimensional balance and affect jobs and skills, intelligent future.

Management issues, because foreign governments have started to react differently.
We need to take the lead in developing some kind of policy,” he said.

Chandrasekaran shared the group’s plans for AI and ChatGPT, saying that training is the department’s main resources for his company. That they train pilots to explore the potential of artificial intelligence, intelligence and machine learning. We can be, we’ve already worked on the framework. We’re going to invest heavily in the hero project of AI and machine learning across the group,” he said, and they can modify any system to create ChatGPT.

The good news is we have good leaders across the team, we have people who are not against change, and then we have the skills and talent that needs to be retrained.

Chandrasekaran expressed confidence in the board and existing skills: “We have a lot of capacity to innovate and we have the people to do it.

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