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‘Succession’ series finale: The Roy family saga ends with a blinding surprise


After four gripping seasons of Succession the secular show and two Best Emmy Awards (so far!). The Roy dynasty epic Inheritance arrives Sunday night. Creator Jesse Armstrong, who conceived Roy’s story based on Murdoch mythology, announced in February. That the fourth season will be its final.

Succession Episode 3 The death of Grandpa Logan Roy (Brian Cox) powers. The rest of the season. Separates the concerned elder Roy siblings Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Schiff (Saras Nook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin). He runs the mega family business Waystar Royco, which is about to sold to tech giant GoJo. The bond grows and dwindles as the season progresses. As the three go back to old feuds and re-launch their childhood traumas.

Only Logan’s desperate eldest son. Connor (Alan Rooker) is left behind for the family’s retreat and the attack on the … skirmish front. So what happened in the series finale and who won?

There is an important vote again. Waystar’s board of directors will unanimously approve (make Matsson responsible) or veto (make Roys accountable) the GoJo deal. Kendall and Schiff rallied the parties and garnered the votes, Kendall back out. Roman returns from his mother’s Carib mansion after being beat by an attacker in the finale. But there is happiness for Logan and it ends in anger.

Shiv begins the episode thinking he will become Matsson’s new CEO after GoJo buys Waystar. But quickly reveals that it was a second guessing decision. New leader? Tom.

Kendall gets this interesting information from Greg, who is reunite with the three brothers against Matteson. After heated arguments and candid conversations, Roy’s children gather behind Kendall as their “new king.” Before the most important part of their lives. They swam in the evening and ate a midnight snack in a warm place. Shiv spit on something nasty they put in the washing machine for Kendall to drink. And after he’s had some. They pour it on his head.

They watched never-before-seen home videos of Logan singing and joking, and the siblings shared a tender moment. But things take a turn for the worse when Shiv tells Tom. That he will not be CEO (he already knew). That he has received important intelligence from Greg (not Tom). In response, Tom tells him that Matteson is the elected CEO who puts everyone on fighting points. In the first physical exchange. Tom pulls Greg into the bathroom and asks him why he betrayed him before the two fight.

Kendall, Roman and Shiv get back together and go to the final meeting thinking. They have enough votes to oppose the GoJo deal. But it’s the “Succession” after all, so it will be very easy. Before the vote, Roman almost gave up because he was so worried about his tie. That he kept asking Kendall why she couldn’t become CEO. In a moment to Logan’s pride, Kendall hugs Roman so tightly that Logan’s seams tear.

The rest of the board came and the voices of good and evil began to pour in. However, Shiv suddenly left the room during the voting. Kendall and Roman confronted him and he said, “I don’t think he’ll be very successful at it.” Kendall began begging her, saying “I’m going to die” if she doesn’t understand. Then Shiv said. “You can’t be CEO. You are killing people.

That’s it: Here we are again with Kendall. The young catering company responsible for the death of Shiv at her wedding in the season 1 finale. He confessed to Shiv and Roman in the season 3 finale. The Crime and Shiv is now using it against him. Kendall started shouting loudly: “That’s what I said. I did. Shiv and Loos were terrifie without knowing the truth. It didn’t happen. It didn’t happen! yell. The that angered Kendall.

He shouted at Shiv and physically attacke Roman after calling Kendall an illegitimate child. The entire board could feel the tension in the next room.

Defeated Kendall re-enters and calls out to delay the vote, but it’s too late. In the 7-6 decision, the GoJo deal is made, Tom becomes CEO and Kendall leaves the building with nothing.

Tom struts around the office and poses for a photo with Matsson at lap camp. Even giving Greg one last job despite Greg’s previous betrayal. There was even hope (or resignation) when Tom reached out to Schiff in the car at home, and Schiff refused.

The show ends with a shot of Kendall leaving the office. Followed by a guard Colin walking quietly through Battery Park – a glimpse of Colin after Rogen leaves. His birthday party at the season 4 premieres. Kendall stared out at the empty Hudson River as the sun went down at the end of “Succession.”

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