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Splinter Cell Season 1: Release Date, Plot, Trailer


Splinter Cell Season 1: The talented program creator Derek Kolstad will return to the studios to do what he does best. The Splinter Cell series, an upcoming Netflix animated drama based on a video game, will be written by Kolstad. Who has worked on a number of productions, including the John Wick series?

He said that animation is so fantastic an interview with Collider and that he cannot wait to start working on the creation of his program. Together with Davie Daitch and Katie J. Stone, he will co-write the series. Everything we are aware of regarding the upcoming Netflix series is listed below.

Splinter Cell Season 1 Plot:

It is only fair to assume that the upcoming series will be based on the Ubisoft games. The first three games in the Ubisoft universe follow the Third Echelon. An NSA reconnaissance unit ad their unending missions to stop the wild, growing terrorist attacks. Double Agent, the 2006 Splinter cell narrative, followed Sam Fisher, who decided to infiltrate the growing gang and leave his establishment to get to the bottom of the conspiracy that led to the killing of his daughter.

Blacklist, the next Splinter cell, followed Fisher’s command of one of his units after he was ordered to do so by the US president. Since the show was initially green-lit two seasons in advance. It might take its inspiration from either the three stories, one or two.

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Splinter Cell Season 1 Cast

Since the Ubisoft series has featured several characters. There are many to pick from for the future animated series. There’s a good probability Sam Fisher will be the main character. The most accomplished and well-known voice actor in the series, Michael Ironside (Hidden Assets), may take over the Sam Fisher part.

But in the third series of the Ubisoft game, Sam Fisher was also voiced by American Gods actor Eric Johnson. As a result, choosing the cast for the future show is difficult. Tom Hardy, who is well-known for his roles in Venom and The Dark Knight Rises, is another actor who could take on the role of Fisher.

Splinter Cell Season 1 Release Date

Nobody is certain of the series’ release date even after having spent nearly a decade in production. It may take some time until the game is released since Ubisoft Toronto is currently working on its development and construction. However, we might compare Splinter Cell to other series to gain an idea of how long it will take for the series to be produced. The Splinter-related series Castlevania had a similar phase before being released two years later. The earliest you can anticipate the series to premiere is by 2024 or 2025 if it follows the same timeline. However, this does not exclude the series from debuting earlier, maybe in 2023.

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