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Spider-Man 4 release date speculation, cast, Plot


Spider-Man 4 release date Spider-Man: No Way Home has finally swung into theatres after a myriad of delays. We’ve now seen Spidey (Tom Holland) face the perils of the infinite multiverse and battle a collection of deadly enemies. Inevitably, though, insatiable fans have already started wondering when, and indeed if, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Wallcrawler will return.

Spider-Man 4 Cast

Again, nothing has been officially confirmed, but there have been recent rumors that Marvel and Sony are eager to bring back the successful crew behind the original trilogy. That necessitates the return of Jon Watts, Zendaya, and Holland.

Holland was even referred to as having all the qualities Sony was searching for in a Peter Parker in Pascal’s prior jokes with GQ, in which she claimed she wanted to produce hundreds more Spider-Men movies with Holland.

Spider-Man 4 Release Date

There is no set release date for Spider-Man 4 because it hasn’t received formal approval yet. At Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con event, it wasn’t even mentioned. Even said, Amy Pascal, one of the producers of Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy, has stated they want to create additional movies, despite her inconsistent stance on the subject.

Spider-Man 4 plot

One person who has an idea of where the series might go next is Holland. He recently told Fandom he’s pitched Sony an idea for a potential fourth Spider-Man movie but wouldn’t say any more for fear of ruining No Way Home.

“There is one idea that I have pitched to the studio, he explained. “But by telling you that idea, I’d be ruining [No Way Home], so I’m going to have to keep that one for myself.”

During the same interview, he was asked about potential Spider-Man villains he’d like to battle, and he suggested Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin and Madame Web, which is very interesting because she’s not traditionally a villain.

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