Thursday, June 1, 2023

Sharad Pawar resigns as NCP chairman, recommends forming panel to decide future work


Sharad Pawar announced on Tuesday that he has decided to step down as chairman of the National Congress Party (NCP). Will not run in future elections.

“I have three years in the Rajaya Sabha. The NCP chairman, who founded the party in 1999, said at the launch of the second edition of his autobiography. That Lok Maze Sangati said that I will not hold elections in the elections. I will start my political career next May 1st. Yesterday we celebrated Labor Day. After a long political career, it is necessary to think about limiting the field. Don’t be proud.

Pawar asked NCP leaders to form a committee to decide on future course of action.
The NCP leader said, “We do not accept Saheb’s decision. We ask you to withdraw him. If you don’t, we won’t.”

Pawar’s announcement comes weeks after rumors that his nephew Ajit Pawar might interfere with the BJP-led ruling party. Maharashtra state escalated tensions within the party.

That the new leader would continue to operate “under the leadership of Sharad Pawar”. Ajit told NCP leaders, “I just spoke with Kaki (Sharad Pawar’s wife). He told me that he will not change his mind… In the end, the new president will work according to the advice of Sharad Pawar.”

“Don’t think about anything. We all succeed in Pawar saheb, what’s the use of that over and over again. Whoever the new president is, he will work as Saheb. Why are you worry about the new president? It will be one day.

NCP leader Praful Patel said he was surprise by Pawar’s statement, saying party. Leaders had aske him to “clap his hands” to reverse his decision. I wanted him to reverse the decision for everyone. State and nation need leadership of Sharad Pawar ji. That’s why, on behalf of all of us, we ask him to inform us of his decision now.” It is very important for the country. He can’t make a decision right now, he has no right to do so,” he said.

“Today we will accept your decision without hesitation. You have worked at all levels of society. Now is the time to form the opposition unity in the middle. In the state, in other words, it is important that you still be our leaders for the growth of the NCP.

Pawar is believe to be the architect of Maharashtra Vikas Agadhi (MVA). Above all, we also hope he will not retire. We know there is an age limit but he is.

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