Saturday, September 30, 2023

Rishi Sunak dismisses Modi-raised Pak MP, 2002 riots


LONDON: UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak defends Prime Minister Narendra Modi in British Parliament, from BBC documentary series I kept my distance.

Mr. Sunak commented on the controversial documentary brought to the UK parliament by Pakistani MP Imran Hussein. , unchanged. Of course, we do not condone persecution wherever it appears, but I am not sure that we quite agree with the characterization proposed by the Honorable Lord. , broadcast a two-part series attacking the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Chief Minister of Gujarat during the Gujarat riots of 2002. The documentary sparked outrage and was removed from some platforms.

Prominent Indian Britons condemned the series. A prominent British citizen, Sir Rami Ranger, said the BBC had done a great deal for his billion-plus Indians.

Condemning the BBC’s biased reporting, Rami tweeted: ‘@BBCNews you have caused over a billion Indians a great loss. I also condemn your biased reporting

MEA spokesman Arindam Bagchi told a weekly briefing in New Delhi, “We believe this is propaganda. It lacks objectivity. That’s prejudice. Note that this is not shown in India. I don’t want to answer anymore so as not to hurt my dignity

He also asked about the “purpose of the exercise and the agenda behind it.” He wonders about the purpose of the exercise and the agenda behind it. In all honesty, we want to thank those efforts,” he added. He said: How can I access it? First repo in 20 years. Why should you jump on it now? Just because Jack says so, they give him a lot of legitimacy.”

“I’ve heard words like investigation and investigation. Why do we use colonial thinking? there is. We do not use words loosely. They were diplomats there… investigation, do they run the country? Buguchi asked.

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