Thursday, June 1, 2023

Raveena Tandon in honor of Guru Rinpoche: I think my daughter is very happy that I can play many roles in real life


A cheerful Raveena Tandon continues to enjoy the glory of the prestigious Padma Shri. The actor was surrounded by his family when he was recently praised.

In an interaction with eTimes, Raveena opens up about being a Padma Shri recipient, her philanthropy, years of film career, and more. Quote:

How are you? Does the feeling of being praised by Guru Rinpoche take a deep place in people’s hearts?

This is a sink. Raveena Tandon Good luck to all my friends, family, lovers and fans to whom I wish well, and the joy and celebration on their faces amazes me. This will help in the process of getting deep into people’s hearts.

You received Padma Shri for your acting and philanthropy, do you remember your social work and romance before we started your acting career?

I’ve been doing this for a long time.

I think I’ve been with my mom since 8th grade. He did a lot of work for NGOs and orphanages. That’s how I felt drawn to me. I think I’m a pioneer in being an adoptive parent because I think it’s legal to care for two daughters even if the mother isn’t legal. How can I help to see them as good, young, independent, active women today?

Raveena Tandon said, I am very happy for him. I was the one who started the CSR campaign in the 90s, now it includes big companies. But back then, when the newspaper asked me to take a picture, I said let’s take it with my children and the children in the orphanage. I’ve been doing these little CSR activities quietly but steadily since the 90’s. Now I do this often with my Rudra base.

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