Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Rahul Gandhi speaks out on threats to Indian democracy and his own surveillance with Pegasus.


Rahul Gandhi sparked fresh debate with a speech at Cambridge University in which he lashed out at the BJP government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying India’s democracy was under attack. The speech was delivered on Wednesday, but the full video of the speech was uploaded on Friday, after which the BJP leader denounced the MP. India’s opposition leaders are under scrutiny, Rahul Gandhi said of his recent Bharat Jodo Yatra. Prime Minister Modi destroys Indian buildings and imposes ideas on India that the country cannot assimilate. Asked to list what he considers to be good government policies, Rahul Gandhi said: “If he blows my country to pieces, I won’t bother with two or three good things he has done. is he doing.”
Rahul Gandhi said in his Cambridge University lecture that he had Pegasus on his phone, and officials told him.
Noting the Supreme Court ruling on Pegasus, BJP state spokesman Shehzad Poonawalla said that even after the SC ruling, “titled dinas” still exist. Country again and again..
.The irony is that she imposed Daadi Nood while he was preaching Democracy! What more can i say!

“After the spectacular absence of Bharat Jodo Yatra, Congress takes a back seat in 3 ethnic and tribal states and you have immature dynasties pursuing the same thing. Statements rejected by courts and court of opinion public!
the BJP spokesperson said.

Rahul Gandhi started his speech by saying Indian democracy is under pressure, it is under attack and it is well known. “India’s opposition leaders are navigating the ground. What’s wrong? The institutional framework necessary for democracy, parliaments, a free press, the judiciary, it’s all cut off.
We are facing an attack on the basic structure of Indian democracy,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“In the constitution, India is described as a union of nations and this union requires negotiation and dialogue. It is slightly different from other countries. You can think about it more on a European scale – several different countries, much bigger than Europe – and you have to dialogue and negotiate to move forward. It is this negotiation that is threatened,” Rahul added.
Showing pictures of opposition leaders detained outside parliament, Rahul Gandhi said: “It happened many times and it was violent. You also heard about attacks on minorities and the press. You have an idea of ​​what’s going on.” . .

“Democracy in India is a public good. It is by far the largest democracy – at least 50% of the population of democratic society lives in India.
Thus, preserving and defending Indian democracy is not just about India. It’s actually to defend democratic structures on Earth,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“I have Pegasus installed on my own phone. Many politicians have Pegasus installed on their phones. I got a call from an intelligence officer saying, please be careful what you say on the phone because we are documenting this stuff.
“That’s the pressure we felt,” the congressman added.

“I’ve had a lot of criminal libel cases that you know shouldn’t be criminal libel cases in any way. But that’s the story. We’ve found that , As an opposition , it is difficult to communicate with the people when the media, the democratic structures are attacked so heavily,” said Rahul Gandhi.

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