Thursday, June 1, 2023

Prime Minister Modi distributes 71,000 appointment letters at Rozgar Mela


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that Rozgar Melas. Organized by the Center and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ruling state. Demonstrates the government’s commitment to youth.

PM Modi said in a Rozgar Mela statement from the Press Information Bureau (PIB). That from the difficult recruitment process that existed before. He has now made it easier by making it online that provides personal proof.

National Rozgar addressed the Mela via videoconference and led. The way by sending nearly 71,000 letters of assignment to new employees in various governments and organizations. Best wishes to all new hires and their families.

Looking back at the Rozgar Melas held recently in states like Gujarat and the upcoming Mela in Assam. Modi said, “Over the past 9 years, the government has prioritized the process of finding people to work faster. More transparently and more honestly.”

Recruitment Considering the difficulties experience in the recruitment process. It was note that the recruitment of new staff by the recruitment committee took 15-18 months. While it was 6-8 months today. “The arduous recruitment process from application receipt to application has now expanded online. Which has also brought self-validation of information,” said the Prime Minister.

He said that the C and D group interviews were also cancel, and best of all. There was no favoritism in the whole process.

Modi share the significance of today as he did nine years ago on May 16. When the Lok Sabha election results were announce.

Recalling the enthusiasm of the day. Sabka Saath said that the journey that started in Sabka Vikas is working for Viksi Bharat.

The Prime Minister also said that today is also the National Day of Sikkim. Initiatives in areas such as modern infrastructure, support in rural areas. Expansion of living needs, every policy of the Indian government is to create new opportunities for young people,” Modi said.

This money is reserve for modern infrastructure such as new highways, new airports, new railways and bridges. This has created many new jobs in the country,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that India’s speed and scale were unmatch in India’s independence history. He said the application-base taxi service. Which has become the life of about 6 kilometers of the metro line, has implement. He add that universities and technical schools are developing rapidly in the country. In the last 9 years, one school has open every week. An average of two schools have started operating every day.”

He drew attention to the fact that while there were around 720 universities in the country. Before 2014, this number has risen to over 1,100 today.

Regarding the medical education in the country, the Prime Minister said that only seven AIIMS have established in the country in seven years, while the government has establish 15 new AIIMS in the last nine years.

He said the number of medical schools in the country has increased from 400 to 700, while MBBS and MD seats have increased from 80,000 to over 170,000. Recalling the last meeting with the CEO of Walmart, Modi said that the CEO is confident that he will export goods from India worth Rs 80,000. “This is big news for young people working in the shipping and delivery business,” said.

The Prime Minister said in his meeting with Cisco CEO that the CEO expressed his intention to export goods from India worth Rs 8,000. He said that Apple’s CEO expressed his confidence in India’s mobile phone industry, while executives of semiconductor company NXP praised India’s potential to develop an electric semiconductor nuclear power plant.

He talked to the CEOs of the world’s leading companies about the meeting to held next week and said that they are all eager to invest in India.

The Prime Minister said that the efforts have revealed new projects created in different parts of India.

Address the new employees and highlighted India’s role in the country’s development, which must be accomplish in the next 25 years in solving India’s development problems.
Modi urge recruiters to take advantage of this opportunity, highlighting the government’s emphasis on developing employee skills through iGoT Karmayogi modules, an online learning platform.

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