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Netflix’s mix of ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Death Stranding’


Netflix’s “Dark Knight” frequently talks about her relationship with “Mad Max“. The acting is great, the story is chaotic, and we get to know the characters in a fascinating way. The Dark Knight isn’t the next Squid Game, but it’s a lot of fun.

Writer/Director Cho Ui-seok has been a popular Korean filmmaker for over two decades.
His fourth film, Master, was a star-studded action thriller that grossed over $50 million worldwide. The Dark Knight celebrated his entry into the world of television streaming.

The Dark Knight takes place in 2071, long after a meteor hits Earth and kills 99% of the population. The rest of the population is force to wear masks outside and rely on indoor oxygen to avoid constant air pollution. People in South Korea are isolate from the rest of the world by large class distinctions.

The rich live in fortified cities, while the poor simply breathe refugees. O2 is the most profitable in the world, so the shipping business is given only to the most qualifie movers. These long-distance drivers drive through dangerous places, fight soldiers and deliver packages to their destinations. In the tradition of good anime, these reputable knights are highly skilled at almost any skill.

The best knight is 5-8, brilliantly portrayed by ex-model Kim Woo-bin. 5-8 is the type of guy smoking outside during an apocalyptic oxygen shortage. The show is a little ambivalent about whether he’s a main character or not. 5-8 is a talented and handsome Kamina-style mentor who doesn’t seem to exist in the real world. 5-8 meets a refugee named Sa-Wol, who lost his sister and his memory in a fight with a corrupt police officer. After many requests, 5-8 agrees to train Sa-Wol to fulfill his dream of becoming a soldier.

Fortunately, the government is holding a fierce competition to determine the newest member of the elite mission. About half of season six is ​​classic anime material, with legends teaching newcomers how to be heroes. But just as they prepare for their new life in April, sometimes something brutal happens.

A talented editor can turn a TV broadcast season into two great movies. Not 100% right away, but like two separate stories.

Part of the reason is weapons. It’s still interesting when everyone isn’t engage in hand-to-hand combat and starts lighting up with machine guns, but the stakes have change. Special effects aren’t always perfect, but the graphics are expect to be enough to sell the scene. Both are good but feel like separate dramas.

The Dark Knight won’t appeal to everyone, but it will be a delight for some viewers.

There’s more to come if needed, but ultimately this is a Netflix series that doesn’t end on a precipice.

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