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Money Heist: Korea Season 2: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else


When Will Money Heist Korea Season 2 Come Out? – The hugely successful Spanish television series “Money Heist” or “La house de Papel” was remade in South Korea as the heist action thriller series “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.” A unified Korean Peninsula serves as the backdrop for the remake. North and South Korea have finally resolved to put aside their differences after years of conflict and upheaval.

They rename the former Joint Security Area the Joint Economic Area, which develops into a significant financial center on the peninsula. The United Korea Mint was established there by the two governments, who use the facility to print the new currency that is usable in both nations.

The merger was expected to bring forth general prosperity, but the wealthy just became richer. As a result, a mystery guy who goes by the name “the Professor” (Yoo Ji-Tae) gathers a group of talented people and robs the Mint. ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area‘ earned largely favorable reviews after its debut.

Money Heist: Korea Season 2 Plot

The Professor was actively involved in the execution of North Korea’s entire open-door economic policy, as revealed in the season 1 finale, and he previously worked as a real educator. Seon Woojin (Yunjin Kim) and the police attempt to coerce the robbers into freeing at least some of the hostages, but the latter group gains support from the populace by admitting that they did not kill an infiltrating soldier. When Anne Kim can get the heist-related note into Woojin’s pocket, Captain Cha Moohyuk (Kim Sung-oh) starts to doubt Park Sunho.

The Korean remake’s story has so far mostly adhered to the plot of the original series. The two Professors’ motivations, though, appear to differ significantly, which could lead the remake in an intriguing and unexpected way. The Professor may have organized the theft to bring down the entire system, as we may find out. Oslo and Moscow could still pass away during the following six episodes, just like they did in the first season. If and when Woojin learns that her boyfriend, Paek Sunho, is actually the Professor, her devotion may be put to the test.

Money Heist: Korea Release Date

As officially announced by Netflix’s YouTube channel, Money Heist: Korea season 2, titled Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area, will premiere on December 9, 2022.

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Money Heist: Korea Season 2: The Cast & Crew

The main cast of the K-drama’s first season will return for the second season, as the upcoming episodes were shot back to back with the previous ones. As seen in the first Spanish Money Heist, several new characters will emerge as the story progresses. Yoo Ji-tae, The Professor as the heist’s mastermind, and Yunjin Kim as Seon Woo-jin, the task force’s police officer, will return for even more intense mind games in the next season. The former is well-known for his appearances in popular dramas such as Ji Chang-Wook’s HealerDifferent Dreams, and Mad Dog, while the latter rose to prominence on HeartbeatConfession, and Lost.

Apart from these two leading roles, the other prominent cast members for the second season include Lee Si-woo as Ann, Eugene Ko as Vice Director, Jeon Jong-Seo as Tokyo, Park Hae-soo as Berlin, Kim Ji-hoon as Denver, Joo-Bin Lee as Youn Misun, Hyun-Woo Lee as Rio, Yoon-ju Jang as Nairobi, Won-jong Lee as Moscow, Ji-Hoon Kim as Helsinki, Kyu-Ho Lee as Oslo, and Victoria Grace as Anne.

Hong-sun Kim, best known for his gripping hit drama, Voice, returns to helm the series for the second season. Alex Pina, a successful Spanish film director, and writer improvised the script and served as executive producer, with writing credits shared by Kim Hwan-Chae, Choi Sung-Joon, and Ryu Yong-Jae.

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