Thursday, June 1, 2023

Martha Stewart became Sports Illustrated’s oldest swimsuit cover model at age 81.


NEW YORK — 81-year-old Martha Stewart isn’t slowing down, and some would say she’s sexy. Stewart has been select to appear on the swimsuit cover of Sports Illustrate, the magazine announce on Monday.

Is the oldest model to grace the cover of the annual swim issue. Surpassing the 74-year-old model Mayer Musk in 2022.

The businesswoman and journalist wrote in an Instagram post Monday. That she hopes the cover will inspire people to “try new things wherever you are in life.” He also released a video clip of an interview. He had with SI Swimwear Editor-in-Chief MJ Day on his podcast she.

The video features photos of Stewart taken in the Dominican Republic. One of which is where he comes out of the water in a blue swimsuit and sunglasses. Stewart on the podcast.

Stewart found Martha Stewart In All Media in 1990 and is involve in cooking, entertainment and housewifery. She has published cookbooks, cooking utensils, magazines, towels and more. Has hosted several TV shows and has collaborate with rapper Snoop Dogg several times in recent years. In 2004, Stewart found guilty of lying to the government about the sale. He spent five months in prison.
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The red carpet will held in New York City on Thursday to celebrate the 2023 Sports Illustrate Swimsuit Issue. The newspaper reported the news on Friday. Stewart was photograph in the Dominican Republic by renown photographer Ruven Afanador.

“I love this picture,” chuckled Stewart, standing in front of an ultra-glamorous photo of him. With messy hair and a fresh summer look. The result is no problem.

“Not bad,” Hoda replied. He asked the Mongolian family how the cap looked. Stewart said he got the idea at the end of November and told attendees. He wanted to be ready to do it in January. I think I’ve overcome that challenge.”

Dress Monday Swimsuit cover, Torso Creations jumpsuit and accessories. From Anita Ko and Jacob & Co. two of them lying on the pavement Reclining on a bench with a blanket. Grandma is for her natural grace and refine style. And this is not surprising, because her success as a model early. Her career is evident in everything she does. But in addition to exercising before the shot, avoid eating rice and pasta in preparation for the cover shot.

In addition to the cover, the photo shows Stewart on the beach, with his horse jumping behind him. Relaxing with a martini in a spacious house dotted with palms, ferns and many Beach views. With no food in the shoot, Stewart was apparently taking pictures of himself swimming in the ocean. In other words, “All the oldies are so boring.”

However, the same sentiment was express by another 52-year-old food icon, Padma Lakshmi. Who will also feature in this year’s SI Swimsuit issue. “Earlier in my life, my hips would have been thinner and my breasts a little higher. But I’ve never felt better,” Lakshmi said in a video posted on the set. If you gave me all the money in the world, I would never go back to my 20s. “

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