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Management says White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre violated the Hatch Act


White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre added that. The US Special Counsel’s determination of violating. The Hatch Act was “retroactive” and “has the authority to speak, let alone my words.” White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre violated the term “MAGA Republican”. When she repeatedly used the term “MAGA Republican” the day before the 2022 election.

United States Hatch Act. government officials said. Karine Jean-Pierre made the statements at the White House press conference. When the United States Office of Special Counsel. The independent federal agency that administers Hatch Act. Violate the chief of staff’s ban on political activity. “The Office of the Attorney General does not believe Ms. Comments from Jean-Pierre were hidden”.

Why is Jean-Pierre’s speech being investigate?

The group is led by Michael Chamberlain. The director of the Department of Education appointed by the Trump administration. Complaint accused Jean-Pierre of using his position “against the defeat of his political opponents” and speaking ill of Republicans. It was note that Jean-Pierre made a statement at the press conference. He held at the White House less than a week before the November 8 elections.

What did Jean-Pierre say in 2022?

Jean-Pierre, in his speech for the November 2, 2022 briefing. And Q&A with journalists, spoke of the “Super MAGA Republic Officials”. Who were once described as “authorities”.

Jean-Pierre uses the word “MAGA” four times. Less than 10 days before he coined the term, President Biden referred to “mega MAGA Republicans” five times in October.
Speaking at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington DC on the 24th. He urged his supporters to vote for the Democratic Party and increase his party’s seats in Congress.

As you may recall recently, the Hatch Law is not applicable to the President and Vice Presidents. What does OSC see?

The OSC concluded that Jean-Pierre had violated the Hatch Law and stated that. The law “forbids officials from using their power or influence to influence or influence elections.” “But the union decided not to take it,” said Ana Galindo-Marrone, director of OSC’s Hatch Law division, in a publicly trusted defense letter. Discipline and warn Ms. Jean-Pierre.”

Jean-Pierre warned, Galindo-Marrone said the OSC had found that “the White House did not take Ms. Jean-Pierre. The Public Defender Trust published the correspondence with the OSC after the agency shared its findings with the agency. Zachary Kurz, the agency’s communications director, confirmed that the information found on the internet is correct.

Jean-Pierre said now?

When aske about the findings, Jean-Pierre describe the OSC’s actions as “repetitive” and added, “We don’t know when their intentions were… we were allow to say the words I made. So I just want to be very clear. He added that the White House had reviewing their comments since received the Report and would be “in discussion” with the OSC.

The “MAGA” tag has other uses as well, including an announcement made at the White House earlier this year. The Biden administration attacked the so-called “MAGA Republican” scandal, the budget proposed by the Assembly, in that speech, by referring to the far-right Parliamentary Freedom Group Meeting.

Of course, not all critics consider the MAGA tag an unpopular term. For example, prior to last year’s midterm elections, congressional candidate Cody Hart listed “MAGA Republican” as his favorite number on his Washington state election website.

WASHINGTON – Since working as a secretary in the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre has become the most knowledgeable about the Hatch Act to avoid questions.
Jean-Pierre used the law, which prohibited officials from being political in their day-to-day business, to deflect journalists’ questions about the campaign.

But apparently he wasn’t careful enough. The Special Counsel, the government agency that administers the Hatch Act, said in a recent letter that Jean-Pierre had violated the law prior to last year’s midterm elections.

His fault: References to “MAGA Republicans” in the White House briefing.

According to the letter from the special prosecutor’s office, Jean-Pierre “prepared letters to sow opposition to the Republican candidate” and “thus informed him that he would become a politician.

The article was publish online by The Washington Post. It was first reported by NBC News. There’s more to it under President Trump. The Special Intelligence Service sent 15 subpoenas to the Trump administration for violating the Hatch Act and even recommended firing senior adviser Kellyanne Conway. Jean-Pierre was under scrutiny after a complaint from a conservative group called the Defending Public Trust.

The group said that Jean-Pierre “criticizes President Biden’s political opponents by calling them ‘super MAGA Republican leaders who do not believe in the truth'”. and take it “very well”.

“At that time, I was allow to use that time,” he said. Jean-Pierre said that “this word is used when he talks about his rights, when he talks about his benefits. He note that some reporters express “friendship concern” because he mention the Hatch Act so often, and said he was surprise by the violation. express his political will.

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