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Learn how the problems in 5G network can be overcome


The 5G network in India was launched in October. The announcement of this product caused an uproar among enterprise authorities and smartphone registrars. When 4G came for the first time in India, no one thought much about it. People continued to use their phones as networks steadily moved away from voice-only 3G networks and more and more into 4G (LTE) networks. However, tech-savvy consumers are also clueless as to how to activate 5G on their 5G phones despite the strong marketing of 5G networks by Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel.

is there 5g in your area?

You’ll have to wait for 5G if it’s not already available in your area. Both Jio and Airtel have launched 5G services in several Indian cities, and soon the entire country will be covered by this network. You will be notified when 5G is accessed in your network circle.

No need for a new sim

The foundation of 4G is used as the foundation of 5G. As a result, you do not need a new SIM card to use 5G services. Your current SIM will still be able to connect to 5G networks including NSA. Describe how NSA is a type of 5G network where user-end connectivity nodes are upgraded rather than the core of the network. Jio, which is building the country’s standalone (5G) network, claims existing SIM cards will work, even though the SA 5G network technically requires a new SIM card.

5G phone needs a software update

Even if your phone is “5G enabled”. you still won’t experience a 5G signal on it until the phone manufacturer sends you a software update. This is due to the fact that smartphones are designed to constantly watch a strong network signal. This is the reason why your phone’s battery drains faster if you are constantly in a bad network area. ‘5G ready’ smartphones have the necessary hardware to connect to 5G networks, but before they are shipped to India, manufacturers apply a “soft lock” to prevent devices from using 5G networks and consuming their battery.

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Let us tell you that a lot of phone manufacturers have set a deadline for you to get a software update that will make your phone capable of 5G connectivity. By December, Apple and Samsung have promised to release patches that will allow 5G on Indian handsets. For this, make sure to frequently check the “Software Update” area of your phone.

Check your network settings

Every smartphone often selects the best network quality provided by its firmware to give you the fastest connectivity speeds. As a result, you also need to confirm that you have selected the appropriate mobile data network on your phone. To do this go to your phone’s network settings and select mobile data. If your phone has the necessary firmware to access 5G networks, under the mobile data options, look for a label that says “5G/LTE” or something similar. Most of the time. Its “auto connect” gives you coverage for all networks (3G/4G/5G).

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