Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Indian Army puts up imposing firepower display with indigenous artillery guns


The Indian Army held a large-scale show of fire at the vast Devlali Shooting Range in Maharashtra on Sunday with an array of indigenous artillery guns, missile systems, and ammunition including weapons, deployed. claims along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) disputed between India and China. The army has been stuck in a conflict that has lasted for more than 32 months.

The successful demonstration of army capabilities, dubbed “Exercise Topchi-2023”, by the elite Artillery School featured a variety of large guns, including the Dhanush 155mm/45 caliber towed artillery barrel, 155 mm/52 new tracked K9 Vajra-T self-propelled howitzer, M777 ultralight cannon, improved Sharang cannon, Indian field artillery and 105 mm/37 caliber light rifle, and missile system Pinaka fire (155 mm is the diameter of the bullet and the caliber is the length of the barrel). HT was invited to attend the concert.

The purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate indigenous and progressive capabilities in achieving self-reliance in the defense sector, said Lieutenant General S Harimohan Iyer, commander of the Devlali-based artillery school. “Atmanirbharta in defense is reaching new heights. The army is ready for any challenge,” he said.

The two-hour exhibit also includes 155mm FH 77 BO2 guns (aka Bofors), 155mm Soltam guns, 130mm M46 guns, original Russian Grad BM 21 multi-role rocket system, unmanned aerial vehicle, weapons tracking radar, mortars, helicopters and some surveillance systems. The exercise comes at a time when the army is continuing to upgrade its massive firepower and prepare to add artillery guns, long-range missiles and long-range ammunition. Iyer said the artillery upgrade would involve the addition of the K9 Vajra-T gun, additional Dhanush guns, and the new 155mm/52 caliber Advanced Towed Gun System (ATAGS). Artillery regiments are also preparing to introduce long-range Pinaka missile systems, precision munitions, mobile projectiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and reconnaissance and observation systems to increase their ability to meet challenges. of the battlefield.

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