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How to start blogging and earn money?


How to start blogging? This question is very new for those people, who have only heard the name of blogging but do not understand how to start blogging. How do we start blogging in this article today? Step by step am going to know about it.

We are going to teach you everything from beginner to advanced level. How do you start blogging and how to earn money from it and when and in how many days your first payment is going to come? You are going to get all this information step by step on our blog. This is the first article of this series. In which we will know how to start blogging

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a type of work, which is done on a blog or website. Information is given to people through blogging. This information can be of any type, you can do blogging by writing about your own experience, or the skills that come from you.

Although in the beginning blogging was used only as information. But in today’s time blogging is a good way to earn money. Google released its Blogger platform for blogging on 23 August 1999, after which creating a blog became even easier. I hope, what is blogging, you must have understood easily.

Why should start blogging?

Everyone may have different objectives for starting blogging, let us know why you should start blogging –

Some people start blogging to learn something new, while some people start blogging to earn money. Let me tell you if you start blogging to earn money, then you have to have some patience with it. Because blogging is such an area, it takes 6 months to 1 year for you to earn money from here. But once your money starts coming in, it will always keep on coming.

The biggest advantage of blogging is that here you can work anytime according to your time. You are completely free here. You can write about any field in which you have good knowledge. With this, the knowledge of you and the users visiting your blog also increases.

For example: Suppose you like gardening, and you plant trees and plants in your house. So you can also tell people about those plants and flowers. Like how to plant rose cuttings, and what things we need to plant roses. You can give similar information on your blog.

Before starting blogging, you must think in which field you have good knowledge. So that you do not get tired of writing. However, if you like to write, then you can write on any topic very easily. However, there are many people who have good knowledge in their field, but they are not able to write their knowledge. For this, you have to get into the habit of writing.

When you gradually keep writing good articles on your blog, then the traffic on your blog will also start increasing. After which you will also start earning. There are many such blogs on the internet, with the help of which people earn lakhs of rupees a month. If you also want to earn so much money, then you have to work with patience. Let us now know, how to start blogging step by step –

How to start blogging

Whenever it comes to earning money online from the internet, blogging comes on top of the list. Although starting blogging is easy. But to be successful in this you have to work very hard. One has to work every day with patience. Only then you can become a successful blogger.

To become a successful blogger, you have to learn many other things besides how to create a blog, Blogger Ki Seo Setting Kaise Kare, and how to write SEO-friendly posts. Then you can become a blogger. But if you give a few hours daily in your blogging career, then you can learn slowly and very easily.

In the beginning, you also have to make a little investment in blogging. Because of this, you will need a laptop or computer, apart from this you must also have an internet connection. If you already have all these things, then you can start blogging very easily.

Some people have a question, How to do blogging from mobile, tell you that you can start blogging from mobile too. But for some things you need a computer. Let us now know, how you can start a successful blog –

1. Choose a Topic (Niche) for the Blog

To start blogging, you should first choose the topic of your blog, which is called Niche in the field of blogging. If you want, you can also start your blog in the field in which you have studied. For example: If you are a teacher, then you can start your blog about this education.

Because when we start our blog in our field, we do not need to do much research about the topic, and we can write very easily. If you create a Multi Niche blog by looking at other blogs on the Internet, then it is very difficult to be successful. Because you are a new blogger. In the beginning, you should proceed only by choosing a topic of your choice.

2. Choose Blog Language

After choosing your topic, you have to choose the language of your blog. In which language do you want to make your blog? If you want, you can start a blog in your local language as well. Google AdSense supports almost all the languages of India. If you want, you can read Google Adsense Support Language once by going to its official page.

However, you must have seen most of the blogs in English. The main objective of an English Blog is to get traffic from all over the world, and it also earns more. The same blogs which are in Hindi or any other language, those blogs have less traffic than English blogs, and earnings is also less.

If you do not know the English language, then you can start your blog in Hindi language or another language also. Slowly you will start earning. This is because there are very few local language blogs on Google.

3. Choose the platform for a blog

There are mainly 2 platforms used to start blogging, which include Blogger, and WordPress. Blogger is a platform of Google, where you can create your blog for absolutely free. Let us know about both platforms –

Blogger: Blogger is a platform of Google, where you can earn money by creating a blog for absolutely free. Here you get the example.blogspot.com subdomain. But if you want to do blogging, then you should buy a domain and create your blog in it.

WordPress: WordPress is a paid platform. Here you need Hosting and Domain to create your blog. If you want to make a career in blogging, and want to earn money in the coming time, then you should make your blog on WordPress only. Because here you get great features of good Theme and Customization.

4.Choose Domain Name

When you have completed all the above steps, then after that you have to select a Domain Name. Your domain should be related to your topic, or you can also take a domain that can become a brand in the coming time. You should always keep one thing in mind while buying a domain.

5. Buy Web Hosting

After buying a domain, if you want to make your blog on WordPress, then you will need hosting. Web hosting is a type of storage where the data of your website is stored. All the content, photos, videos, etc. of your website are stored here. If your hosting is good, then your blog will also give good performance. Because many times the blog gets closed again and again due to bad hosting.

If you want to start your blogging career, then you should buy web hosting. Here you get the facility of a Free Domain and Free SSL,

After buying hosting, you have to add your domain and hosting together. For this, you can also watch videos on YouTube. And you can easily add your Hosting + Domain together.

6. Install Theme in Blog

You have to install a user-friendly theme after login into your WordPress dashboard. For this, you can also install Generatepress Theme. This theme is most used for Adsense. And it is a completely user-friendly theme. You should start your blogging with Free Theme in the beginning. When your blog starts earning, then after that you can apply Premium Theme.

7. Create an important page

After installing the theme, you have to create Home, Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms, And Conditions, and Disclaimer pages by going to the Pages section of your dashboard. These are important pages of the website. Without these, you do not get Approval from Google Adsense. On Contact Us page you can create a Contact Us form using Form Plugin.

You should write about your blog in About Us. What is your blog about? Privacy Policy, Terms, And Conditions, Disclaimer You can create these three pages with the help of an online generator on Google. For example: If you want to create a Privacy Policy page, then you have to write Privacy Policy Page Generator on Google,

And a website will appear in front of you, where you can create a page by going to your Email ID and website name etc. After making all these pages, add them to the footer of your website, if your website has Top Header, then you can add these pages to Top Header as well.

8. Add Plugin

You have to click on the option with Plugin to add Plugin to your blog. After this, an Add New option will appear in front of you. By going here you will see a Search Bar, in this, you have to write the name of the Plugin. And the Plugin has to be installed.

You must add both Rank Math and Contact Form 7 plugins to your website. Apart from this, you must also add Cache Lite Plugin. You can also watch videos on YouTube to set up Rank Math Plugin.

9. Create a Menu

After adding the page and plugin, you should create a menu in your blog. Make 3 to 4 menus or categories related to the topic on which you are starting your blog. Because in the beginning, you will take time to write the post. If you want, after taking Google AdSense Approval, you can add more topics to the blog. But in the beginning, you should keep the category as work.

10. Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

After following all the steps, now you have to write SEO Friendly post. Keep in mind that you do not have to do Keyword Stuffing at all in your post. This means, do not forcefully add the keyword on which you are writing the post. In the beginning, you have to write a post not for Google but for the users visiting your blog.

So that the user does not have any kind of problem in reading the post. If you do this, then you will get the approval of Google AdSense in the first instance itself. If you are using Rank Math Plugin, then it will tell you, you have not done much Keyword Stuffing in your content.

11. Add a Blog to the google search console

When there are 5 to 6 posts on your blog, then you have to add your blog with Google Search Console. For this, you have to write Google Search Console in Google, and you will get the website above. After this, you have to click on Start Now. As soon as you click here A page will open in front of you, here you have to enter the link to your website. As shown in the below screenshot.

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When you enter the website link in Search Console, you will get a script. Put this script in the head section of your website. You will also see this written above the code. By reading you can easily do it. If you face any kind of problem in adding a website to Search Console, then you can also watch Tutorials on YouTube.

12. Connect Blog with Google Analytics

After this, you have to connect your website or blog with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is also connected in the same way as Search Console was done. For this also you have to first go to the website of Google Analytics. Here you have to select your name, the name of your blog, and the category of the blog.

After this, when you proceed by putting a link to your blog. Then you will see a script. Which you have to copy and put in the head of your blog. After this, your blog will be connected with Google Analytics within 12 to 24 hours, and you can see all the reports of the blog here.

13. Monetize Blog with Google AdSense

After following all the above steps, you have to apply for Google AdSense. But here you have to pay special attention to one thing. Apply for Google AdSense only when your blog has 20 to 25 posts, and your blog is about 3 months old. However, here you have been given only a small overview of Google AdSense. How to take Google AdSense Approval in the first place, for this you will get a separate post on our blog.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

If you have read the article ” How to start blogging” here, then you must also read the Blogging Tips given here. Because here you will be told all those things, which usually new bloggers do. And they are not able to earn money from blogging. Let us know, how to do blogging. Some important things related to this –

  • The first step of blogging is to select a Niche or Topic, you should always start your blog at the beginning on a topic that you are well aware of.
  • You should make your blog on WordPress because WordPress is very easy to use. Here you can do SEO setting of the entire blog only with the help of one Plugin.
  • You should write at least 25 to 30 articles in the beginning, and publish these articles on the website daily or leave one day.
  • In the beginning, you should not do Keyword Stuffing in your blog post.
  • Write each post of at least 1000 to 1200 words.
  • Post daily on your blog, this will automatically increase the traffic on your blog.
  • Create all the Social Media pages of your blog and share all the posts on those pages.
  • Ads should not be started immediately after getting AdSense Approval. Unless you get 1000 Page Views per day on your blog.

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