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How to check Battery Health of Android Phone?


As much as for a phone it’s software and hardware without battery software and hardware are not a phone but a box and you know who is interested in the box Gone are the days when we used to get 800 to 1000 Mah batteries with low Mah batteries, as time changed, the capacity of our phone’s battery increased. If we talk about today’s era. Then in all the mobiles of today. You mostly get 4000 to 5000 Mah batteries.

Most Mobile Phones Companies increase the Battery every time their Phones. But if you are looking for a Phone. Then you will get such Phones which will fulfill your requirement, but over time the capacity of the Battery also ends.

Because the UI and Apps that come in today’s phones are very heavy. Which uses your phone’s battery more and more. Your battery gets drained and you have to charge your phone’s battery again and again.

But do you know that charging the battery repeatedly damages the health of your phone battery? Your phone’s battery can get damaged quickly, so you do not need to worry because in this post we will give you the Android Phone How to Check Battery Health? will tell about

How to Check the Battery Health of an Android Phone?

Most the Mobile Phones Company do not provide any method to check the battery in their phone. But you will find many such apps in the Play Store, which keep tracking the health of your phone’s battery.

This app has been telling you from time to time when you have to optimize your phone’s battery and when to charge it, in how much time your phone will be fully charged, etc. We tell you about the app called “AccuBattery” in this post I will tell which is a great app for Battery

Advantages of the AccuBattery App

  1. It keeps checking your phone’s battery
  2. When you put your mobile in Charge. It gives you the facility of your Alarm when it is 100%
  3. It also tells about when your battery will go bad
  4. It also tells the Charging Speed and Discharge Speed of your phone.
  5. It also tells about which app is using how much battery in your phone.

When you download this app on your phone and open it. You will see many tabs below, but if you want to see the health of your battery, then you can get complete information about the health of your battery by clicking on the Health tab.

When you click on the Health Tab. You will see Battery Health, Battery Wear, and Battery Capacity, in this Battery Health tells you about the health of the Battery, and Battery Wear tells you that you have used your phone’s battery more than it should have. and Battery Capacity. How much Mah Battery do you have in your phone, and how much % is left in your phone

Tips to keep the mobile battery safe

Do not charge your phone 100%

Yes, Friends, you should never charge your Mobile Phone’s Battery up to 100% because when you charge your Mobile’s Battery 100%. You use a Charge Cycle, and most of the Battery is up to 1000 Cycles only.

Never discharge 0%

You should never drain your mobile battery completely because when you discharge your mobile battery up to 0% and charge it again. Your battery uses up a lot of energy and needs to consume more energy. means more heat and more heat means damage to the health of the battery

Check which apps are using the battery in the background

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snap Chat, etc. are famous for draining the phone’s battery, these apps keep using your mobile’s battery in your background, so you should stop all these apps from using background battery so that your phone’s battery can be drained. that life will increase

Do not let the phone heat up

Friends, as you all know that there is no match between heat and battery. Whenever your phone starts heating up. You should immediately stop using your mobile if you continue to use your phone continuously even when the phone is hot. Your phone’s battery will go bad very soon

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Use Mobile’s Power Saving Mode

Nowadays every Mobile Phone Company provides Battery Saver for better health of the Battery in your Phone. You should keep it on in your Mobile all the time, it increases the Battery Life of your Phone to a great extent.

Do not overcharge your phone

Friends, most people sleep by putting their mobile in charging while sleeping at night, due to which their phone remains in charge for the whole night, due to which your battery gets constant current, due to which your battery gets damaged very quickly. Battery should be charged from 80% to 85% only

Use Flight Mode

While traveling and charging the battery. You should use flight mode on your mobile, because when you travel. Your mobile phone network and services like Gps and Roaming run, due to which your battery drains very quickly.

Watch low-quality videos on Youtube

Guys, if you watch a lot of videos on Youtube. Then you should watch the quality of your videos in Medium or Low Quality. This will not drain your phone’s battery very quickly.

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