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Highlights in CUSTODY movie reviews: Naga Chaitanya’s police drama fun so far



CUSTODY The story of the movie revolves around the generous and loyal police officer Shiva (Naga Chaitanya), the CBI officer (Sampath), the murderer Raju (Aravind Swamy) and the ruthless police officer (R. Sharat Kumar). Police officer Shiva is force to follow them when he gets caught up in the war between the CBI and the Mafia. Shiva’s lover Revathi occasionally participates in the race; The rest of the story, the two teams’ Mr. Raju’s hope.

Set in 1996, the film opens in a village near Rajamundry. The bomb kills 40 people and the scene is tie to the main villain later in the CUSTODY movie. Introduce Officer Shiva, who has a very old love affair with Revathi (Kriti Shetty). A bad script trying to play with Vennela Kishore. The movie speeds up a bit when the characters of Raju (Aravind Swamy), a CBI officer, and Sarath Kumar enter.

Even technically, this movie is like no other. The background score is great and so are the songs.

The main drawback of this movie is the mixed media. The only thing that works is the cast. There were a ton of big movie stars involved, but the poor script hampered the results.

What’s missing in entertainment value is there isn’t enough action from the audience to make up for it. Sometimes this movie looks like a Tamil movie with almost no Telugu actors. Director Venkat Prabhu seems to have lost his taste for experimenting in two languages.


Naga Chaitanya is playing her usual style and trying her best. Chrissy Shetty is great as a heroine. Aravind Swamy, Priyamani, Sampath and R. Sarathkumar play other key roles. Aravinda’s clumsy costumes and characterization are annoying.


  • Cast
  • Little chase


  • Story, direction
  • Repetitive chase sequences
  • No fun


Action movie. Repetition of the match with the same trio does not give at least an average score. Flashback family stories have a long history. This is a Tamil movie with several Telugu actors in it. In general, all crafting is impossible!

  • Release Date: 12 May 2023
  • Director: Venkat Prabhu
  • Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja Ilaiyaraaja
  • Cinematographer: S R. Kathir
  • Language: Telugu
  • Producer: Srinivasa

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