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FIFA World Cup Winners list (1930 – 2022)


FIFA World Cup Winners list Football’s biggest championship, the FIFA World Cup, started in the year 1930 when Uruguay hosted it and also became the first winner. So far 21 successful seasons of the FIFA World Cup have been organized but only 8 teams have won the title of this tournament.

Brazil is the most successful team winning the title of this tournament 5 times, while France is the defending champion this time after winning its last season in 2018. Let us now share with you the list of all the champions of FIFA history. FIFA World Cup Winners list

FIFA World Cup Winners list 1930 – 2022

YearHost CountryWinnerRunner up
1954SwitzerlandWest GermanyHungary
1966EnglandEnglandWests Germany
1974West GermanyWest GermanyNetherlands
1982SpainItalyWest Germany
1986MexicoArgentinaWest Germany
1990ItalyWest GermanyArgentina
2002South Korea JapanBrazilGermany
2010South AfricaSpainNetherlands

FIFA World Cup Winners list

Fifa 2018: France

Last year in 2018, this tournament was hosted by Russia, in which 32 teams participated and France became the champion this time while Croatia was the runner-up. Belgium got the third place while England got fourth place.

Fifa 2014: Germany

The 2014 season was hosted by Brazil, with Germany as the winner, Argentina as the runner-up, and the Netherlands as the third. The host Brazil, on the other hand, secured the fourth position.

Fifa 2010: Spain

In 2010, the 19th edition of the FIFA World Cup was hosted by South Africa, this time Spain won the title of this championship for the first time. The Netherlands finished runner-up, while Germany finished third and Uruguay finished fourth.

Fifa 2006: Italy

In the 18th season of this championship, hosted by Germany in 2006, there was a final match between Italy and France, in which Italy won the FIFA World Cup title for the fourth time and France had to be satisfied by becoming the runner-up. During this, Germany stood in the third position and Portugal in the fourth position.

Fifa 2002: Brazil

Co-hosted by Japan and South Korea in 2002, the 17th season of this world tournament was named after Brazil, which won the Champions Trophy by defeating Germany 2–0 at the stadium in Yokohama. Turkey finished at number three and host South Korea got fourth place.

Fifa 1998: France

The 16th season of the FIFA World Cup was hosted by France in the year 1998 and the trophy was also named after France, during which Brazil was the first runner-up, while Croatia was number three and Netherlands at number four.

Fifa 1994: Brazil

In the 15th season of the FIFA World Cup played in 1994, Brazil became the winner once again, this time Italy had to be satisfied as the runner-up, while Sweden was in third place and Bulgaria was in fourth place. This tournament was played in America and 24 teams participated in this tournament.

Fifa 1990: West Germany

In 1990, West Germany won the final match played at the Olympic Stadium in the city of Rome, hosted by Italy, and became the champion once again. Although Argentina had to be content with being runners-up, Italy finished third and England fourth.

Fifa 1986: Argentina

The 1986 FIFA was held in Mexico City, this time Argentina once again captured the trophy and like the last time, Germany had to be content with becoming the runner-up. During this, France stood in the third position and Belgium in the fourth position.

Fifa 1982: Italy

In 1982 the number of teams increased to 24 and this time the tournament was held in Spain, with Italy as the champion and West Germany as the runner-up. This time Poland was at number three and France at number four.

Fifa 1970: Argentina

The 1978 edition was hosted by Argentina and was won by Argentina, the Netherlands was again runners-up after losing the final match, but Brazil, who finished 4th last time, finished third and Italy finished fourth.

Fifa 1974: Germany

In 1974, the 10th Football World Cup tournament was hosted by West Germany and Germany also won its title. Where on the one hand the Netherlands got the third place this time Hina Rabbani, while Poland got third place and Brazil came fourth place.

Fifa 1970: Brazil

The ninth season of the FIFA World Cup held in Mexico in 1970 was won by Brazil which became the champion for the second time, this time Italy finished second, Germany third, and Uruguay fourth.

Fifa 1966: England

In 1966, hosting the eighth season of FIFA, England won its first title of the championship. Germany was the runner-up. Portugal finished third and the Soviet Union finished fourth, making it to the top 4 for the first time.

Fifa 1962: Brazil

Chile hosted the seventh season of this World Cup in 1962 and this time also Brazil became the winner. While Czechoslovakia finished second and Chile, this year’s host country came third and Yugoslavia had to be content with fourth place.

Fifa 1958: Brazil

In the 1958 season, Brazil became champions of the tournament for the first time, defeating hosts Sweden in the final. During this, France got the third position and Germany got the fourth position.

Fifa 1954: Germany

The fifth season of the tournament was played in 1954, hosted by Switzerland, in which West Germany won its first title. Like last time, this time also Hungary was the runner-up, during this time Australia was at number three and Uruguay at number four.

Fifa 1950: Uruguay

After a break of nearly 12 years in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II, Brazil emerged as the hosting country in 1950 and finished runner-up. This time Uruguay won its World Championship title for the second time. However, Sweden remained at number three and Spain at number four. This year the number of teams was reduced to 13.

Fifa 1938: Italy

Hosted by France in 1938, it was the third season of the FIFA Cup, with Italy winning the trophy for the second time, defeating Hungary 4–2 in the final. So Brazil remained at number three and Sweden at number four.

Fifa 1934: Italy

The second season of the FIFA World Cup was played in Italy in the year 1934 with 16 teams, which was won by the host Italy. However, Czechoslovakia had to be content with being the runners-up. Germany was at number three and Austria at number four.

Fifa 1930: Uruguay

The debut season of the FIFA World Cup was hosted by Uruguay in the year 1930 and Uruguay also became its first champion and Argentina got the chance to become the first runner-up. While America was at number three and Yugoslavia at number four, a total of 13 teams participated in this season.

About FIFA World Cup

total team32 (in present)
current winnerFrance (2018)

FIFA World Cup History

The FIFA World Cup is a tournament played every 4 years, which was held in 1930. In the first edition in 1930, the host nation Uruguay won the first FIFA World Cup title by defeating Argentina 4–2.

This tournament could not be organized in the years 1942 and 1946 due to the Second World War. From 1934 to 1978, 16 teams participated in this tournament.

But in 1938 and 1950, 15 and 13 teams participated respectively. In 1982 the number of participating teams was increased to 24. Whereas in 1998, 32 teams were allowed to play in the tournament.

The FIFA World Cup tournament has been organized 21 times since 1930 till now (2022). Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup the most, 5 times, and is the only team to have participated in every tournament.

Italy (4), Germany (4), Argentina (2), and Uruguay (2) have won this title. Argentina, Uruguay, England, and Spain have won the title once each. On the other hand, the Netherlands has failed to win the title even after making it to the final three times.

The World Cup is one of the most widely watched sporting events in the world, with an estimated 715,100,000 people watching the final match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany.

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Who is the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2022? How much money will you get?

The 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup in 2022 is being held in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December, with the final being played on 18 December at the Lusail Stadium between the two best teams of the season. And this year’s winner will be known only after the finals.

In 2022, the winning team in this Mahakumbh of football tournament will get the trophy as well as a whopping amount of $42 million i.e. about 343 crores in Indian rupees as prize money. Along with this, the team that lost the final will take $ 30 million (about Rs 245 crore) with them.

Fifa World Cup 2022 Prize Money List

This year, the prize money for the FIFA World Cup 2022 has been increased to $440 million (about Rs 3592 crores), which will be distributed among all the 32 teams participating in the tournament. While the winning team will be awarded an amount of US$42 million as prize money, the runner-up team will be awarded US$30 million.

Additionally, the third and fourth-place teams will receive $27 million and $25 million, respectively. And an amount of $ 17-17 million will be allocated to all 4 teams that lose in the quarterfinals.

Not only this, all the 8 losing teams in the Round of 16 will take home $13 million each and all 16 teams that will be eliminated in the group stage will take home $9 million each.

Fifa World Cup 2022 Prize Money

Placeprize money
Winner$ 42 million (about Rs 343 crore)
Runner Up$ 30 million (about Rs 245 crore)
third team$ 27 million (about Rs 220 crore)
number four team$ 25 million (about Rs 204 crore)
To each losing team in the quarterfinals14 million dollars (about 138 crore rupees)
To each team that lost in the Round of 1613 million dollars (about 106 crores rupees)
To each losing team in the group stage9 million dollars (about 73 crore rupees)

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