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Fastest Internet in the World


World’s Fastest Network: If we talk about India, then even today the speed of the internet in India is very low compared to many countries. If we talk about the operators of India, where the highest 4G Speed ​​networks are Vodafone Idea (Vi) and Airtel, which provide download speeds of 17.9 Mbps and 13.7 Mbps.

This report has come by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). But today in this article we are not talking about which is the fastest network in India, but which is the fastest network in the world. Will know about it. Let us know, which is the fastest network in the world Fastest Internet in the World –

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The fastest Internet Network in the World

The world’s fastest network is in Japan. This network provides a speed of 319 Terabits per second. If we understand the speed of this network with an example. Then this speed is so high that you can download 57,000 movies in just one second.

Nowadays, most of the work has become online, due to which the internet has a very important contribution to our life. If the internet speed is good then we can do any work very easily. Some researchers in Japan have tested the speed of the Internet, and they have created a technology whose speed is very high.

Researchers in Japan say that the speed tested by them is 319 Terabits. Which is the fastest internet speed in the world. You can download 57,000 movies from the internet in just one second. And you can download Spotify’s entire library of songs in just 3 seconds.

Although 178 terabits speed internet was tested some time ago. If we talk about America’s space program NASA, it also uses the internet with 440 gigabytes per second speed. While the condition of the internet in India is still very bad, most of the broadband speed here does not exceed 512Kbps.

What is the special thing about testing the world’s fastest internet?

The testing of the world’s fastest network has been done by Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT). The testing of this network has been done with the help of optical fiber. No modern technology has been used to test this internet. From this. It is known that the speed of the internet can be improved even more by the existing fiber optic infrastructure at a low cost.

The demand for high-speed internet is increasing

It is a high-speed network, people have the enthusiasm to use it. A research paper on Optical Fiber Communications during the International Conference in the month of June revealed that the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT) had prepared a long-distance transmission of 3,0001 km for this internet. The Indian Broadband Community has also welcomed it with enthusiasm. The demand for high-speed networks is increasing in India.

How far behind India is in terms of internet speed compared to other countries

Businessline newspaper said by TV Ramachandran. President of Broadband India Forum that India consumes the most internet data than all the countries of the world. But even today the internet speed is not high here. However, things have become better than before. At present, more than 500 million people are using the Internet in India, and this number is increasing day by day. Most video content is watched in India. In such a situation, India needs a good high-speed network. All broadband companies in India should improve the transmission system for high-speed internet.

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