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Demon Slayer Season 3 Blu-Ray Coming in June 2023


Ghost Slayer. Season 3 of the Swordsmith Village Arc will be release fully on Blu-Rays and DVD. The first volume will be release in Japan on June 21, 2023. These include Tokyo stage recordings and illustrations by Akira Matsushima. The Tokyo stage in February was the first meeting of all the voice actors from the Demon Slayer anime Demons.

As a reminder, the list of Upper Kizuki members:

Akaza: Akira Ishida (火影 Gaara)
Gyutaro: Ryota Ohsaka (Genshin Impact Bennett)
Gyomaiokirium (Komizumikok): Tengu: Toshio Furukawa (One Piece)
Tong Ma: Miyano Mamoru (Persona 5 Ryuji)
Kokushiho: Oki Ayu Ryotaro (Toriko Toriko)

Demon Slayer Squad Season 3 Blu-Ray Kanroji DVD Cover.
She is the main character of Love Hashira and Swordsmith Village Arc. He appears briefly in the first season, where Tanjiro first meets Hashira.

On stage, many voice actors talk about their ideas and thoughts about acting. The original Blu-ray and DVD of Demon Slayer season 3 will also include two additional scene recordings as a bonus. There’s one on February 4 with cast for the four main characters.

Then on February 5, the guests were Katsuyuki Konishi, Kengo Kawanishi and Kana Hanazawa. These three are the voices of Uzumi, Muichiro and Mitsuri.

Demon Slayer streams on services like Crunchyroll and Netflix. The first Blu-ray and DVD of season 3 Demon Slayer will be release in Japan on June 21, 2023.

An important meeting, every thought is told.
The cast of Upper Kizuki members includes Akira Ishida as Akaza, Ryota Osaka as Ushitaro, Kosuke Torikai as Tamako, Toshio Furukawa as Ban Sirius, Mamoru Miyano as Toma and Ryotaro Oki as Koshibo.

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