Thursday, June 1, 2023

Corona Papers movie review: Not even Siddique’s weight can save Priyadarshan’s sloppy thriller


The option to choose a name is the first indication of the lack of Corona Papers. Veteran director Priyadarshan’s new Malayalam thriller is a remake of writer-director Sri Ganesh’s Tamil police drama 8 Thottakkal (8 Bullets). Ganesh deserves credit for this story inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Stray Dogs (1949), as he himself told the press. Although

8 Thottakkal has flaws, it looks better than Corona Papers. Stray Dog is set in post-war Japan trying to recover from the economic collapse of its defeat.

Seeking parallel themes, Priyadarshan focused on the COVID-19 outbreak due to the incident of bank robberies. Which men wore protective equipment, but failed to do so. Self-blocking and masks work like camouflage. Nominal references are justified. illegal.  The impact of the pandemic on the Indian economy and culture, our personal finances, and our current mental health are all forgotten in the movie where, besides the mask, the coronavirus is MIA.

Ironically, the Malayalam film industry was the first to adapt to the pandemic, which was at its peak in 2020-21, and by incorporating COVID-19 in their selection of content, story and story, 2020 C U Soon, the first Indian movie was conceive. After COVID start to ruin our lives and it was release months after the initial lockdown was announc. It’s also disappointing because the new wave of Malayalam is becoming local. Its audiences become aware of minor cultural differences such as Kerala city to city, region to region, region for region.

Shane Nigam plays Rahul, a devote and loyal Kerala police officer who lost his police rifle shortly after he was kill in a bank robbery in Corona Papers. The team investigating the case is led by the unscrupulous Gracie (Sandia Shetty). When she learns of Rahul’s distress, she brings him to justice. In addition to the song, it also tells the story of a police officer (Siddique) who is suspend because Gracy blamed him for his decision.

The connection between these two stories has known to the audience from the very beginning. The question of when Rahul and Gracy will find out about the connection is intend to cause confusion in the Corona Documents.

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