Wednesday, September 27, 2023

CIA Director Says China Doubtful About Invading Taiwan, Despite Ambition to Control Island


CIA Director William Burns has commented on China’s ambition to control Taiwan, stating in a recent interview that President Xi Jinping and his military leadership are uncertain about their ability to invade the island. While Xi has ordered the military to be prepared for a possible invasion by 2027, Burns noted that doubts remain about the feasibility of such an operation.

Despite this, Burns emphasized that the United States must take China’s objective of controlling Taiwan seriously. He believes that the risks of a potential military conflict will likely increase in the coming years, particularly as tensions between the two nations continue to mount.

Burns pointed to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a possible deterrent for China, as the international community rallied in support of Ukraine following the invasion. However, it remains unclear whether the United States or its allies would intervene in the event of a Chinese attack on Taiwan.

Taiwan considers itself an independent nation, but Beijing claims the island as part of its territory under its one-China policy. This disagreement has led to ongoing tensions between the two nations, with the possibility of a military conflict looming in the background.

Overall, Burns’ comments highlight the importance of diplomatic efforts to prevent a military conflict between China and Taiwan. While the risk of conflict may be growing, it is crucial for all parties involved to prioritize peaceful resolution and avoid escalation.

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