Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Chris Hipkins To Be New Zealand PM After Jacinda Ardern Decides To Quit


Chris Hipkins has been sworn in as New Zealand’s Prime Minister following Jacinda Ardern’s decision to resign. To do so, he will need to get the official support of Labor MPs on Sunday.

The police and education minister cruised to victory in the October 14 general election as his party trailed in opinion polls and faced criticism from the opposition over rising prices, poverty and crime. fight hard for the side

“The Labor caucus will meet at 1pm on Sunday to confirm the nominations and confirm Chris Hipkins as party leader,” senior Labor official Duncan Webb said in a statement.

As leader of the ruling party, if Ardern steps down, Hipkins will also become prime minister.

Ardern, a world figure in progressive politics, surprised New Zealand by announcing her sudden resignation less than three years after securing a second term in a landslide victory.

The 42-year-old, who has led her country through natural disasters, the Covid pandemic and the worst terrorist attacks on record, said she “doesn’t have enough left in the tank”.

“Tough and Able”

Ardern said the decision to step down was “tainted with sadness” but he had “slept well for the first time in a long time” after the announcement.

Former New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark said Ardern had “faced a level of hatred and malice that is unprecedented in our country”. ‘ he said.

Your successor is widely considered a safe hand with more than 14 years of experience in Congress.

Political commentator Josie Pagani describes Hipkins as “rational and likable, tough and capable”.

The country’s main opposition did not immediately react to Hipkins’ victory.

His right-wing ACT party is calling on him to “provide substance, not spin New Zealand“, criticizing his party’s record social security figures, rising food prices and a tight labor market bottom.

The Green Party said it looked forward to working with him to “end poverty, take bold climate action and protect native wildlife”.

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