Thursday, June 1, 2023

Brighton vs Man Utd: McAllister’s late penalty gives Brighton a win over Man Utd


Penalty The performance of the Argentine midfielder. Who led Manchester United to the victory in the Premier League in 99 minutes, is not far away.

Mac Allister ignited the hopes of the world champions with Brighton’s. Late kick into the top corner as Brighton beat Manchester United 1-0 on Thursday.

In the last five minutes of the downtime, Manchester United defender Luke Shaw raised. His hand to catch the ball after taking a corner kick from the right.

Mac Allister remained silent when the referees looked at the situation and gave the penalty decision. “Of course I’m always a little nervous,” said McAllister, one of Argentina’s unlikely stars. Who won their third World Cup in Qatar last year.

Brighton avenged their loss to Manchester United on penalties 12 days ago in the FA Cup semi-final and moved up to sixth place, eight points behind fourth-placed Manchester United in the Champions League qualifiers.

“It’s a real challenge right now,” Shaw said. “People around us score points. But it’s up to us.” Shaw said he was “a little pushed” when the ball jumped to his head. But conceded that “the hand shouldn’t be in.”

England’s left-back said “I admit it, it cost us the game”. The end of the match remind me of the 2020 match between Brighton and Manchester United, play at Amex Stadium. Where United’s penalty was decide by Bruno Fernandes in a 10-minute stoppage time.

Brighton meanwhile scored their last Premier League goal in a late-right match against Manchester United.

Brighton manager Roberto De Zerby did justice to his impressive performance at Wembley Stadium last month.

As with FA Cup games, both teams made the most of Amex but saw the goalkeeper at his best. United’s De Gea did very well, but despite knowing little about him. Kaoru Minohe’s early effort hit the Spanish goalkeeper in the face and swayed him for a few minutes.

At the opposite end, Brighton’s Jason Steele made pretty much the same save, barely scoring before Marcus Rashford in the first half. Then Anthony Martial and then McAllister in the second half before the home penalty decision.

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