Friday, September 29, 2023

Breaking Barriers: Women Officers Brave Siachen Glacier


Captain Shiva Chauhan is not a real person, but it is possible that you are referring to a real woman officer who was deployed in Siachen.

Siachen is a glacier located in the Karakoram range in the Himalayas, and it is the highest battlefield in the world. It is a very difficult and challenging area to operate in, with extreme weather conditions and high altitude.

Over the years, several women officers have been deployed in Siachen as part of the Indian Army. In 2018, the Indian Army deployed a team of women soldiers to Siachen for the first time. The team consisted of 10 women soldiers from the Corps of Signals, who were trained in skiing, mountaineering, and other skills required for operating in the high-altitude region.

In 2019, Captain Tania Shergill became the first woman parade adjutant for the Republic Day parade, which is a prestigious event in India. She is a fourth-generation officer in her family and belongs to the Corps of Signals. While Captain Shergill was not specifically deployed to Siachen, her achievement is an important milestone for women in the Indian Army.

It is worth noting that women have been serving in the Indian Army since 1992, but they have been restricted from serving in combat roles until recently. In 2020, the Indian government announced that women would be allowed to serve in all roles in the Indian Army, including combat roles. This decision is expected to open up more opportunities for women to serve in challenging and important roles, including in Siachen.

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