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Boxing Day : What is Boxing Day, there is curiosity about Boxing Day


Boxing day test: On hearing the name ‘Boxing Day’, if you are thinking that boxing is being talked about here, then you are thinking wrong. You will be surprised to know that there is no meaning to Boxing Day Boxing. The day after Christmas (25 December) is known as Boxing Day in many parts of the world. In the cricket world, Australia starts the Test match on this day every year and it is called the ‘Boxing Day Test’. Australia plays Test matches on this day only in Melbourne.

What is Boxing Day?

By the way, regarding Boxing Day, you would feel that it would have something to do with Boxing, but it is not so. After celebrating Christmas on 25 December, the very next day i.e. 26 December is called Boxing Day. Boxing Day is in a way dedicated to those people who are engaged in their duty without taking leave even on Christmas day. On Boxing Day, happiness is expressed by giving gift boxes to such people. For this reason, the day after Christmas came to be known as Boxing Day.

When is Boxing Day celebrated?

Traditionally this day is celebrated on 26 December, but if this day falls on a Saturday, then the festival is celebrated on Monday. On the other hand, if it falls on a Sunday, then Boxing Day is celebrated on the coming Tuesday. This year it is falling on Monday, 26 December.

Boxing Day 2022 History

Although the name of this day suggests that this day may be related to some sport, it is far from that. Boxing Day began with the custom of giving alms to the needy. The tradition began when employers sent boxes filled with gifts, bonuses, and sometimes leftovers to their servants, who were to serve their master on Christmas Day and were allowed to see their families the following day.

The customs of this day are different

Another Boxing Day custom involves many rural residents going fox hunting, often before or after a hot drink at the local tavern. 26 December is also the feast day of St. Stephen (St. Stephen’s Day), the patron saint of horses. St Stephen’s Day and Boxing Day celebrations also include a number of sporting events, including horse racing and rugby.

Why is it called Boxing Day?

The term Christmas box refers to the act of giving money, food, or gifts to people in need on the day after Christmas. Hence, its name is Boxing Day.

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First match on Boxing Day in 1892

Apart from cricket, matches are played on Boxing Day in many other sports. In some countries, apart from the Boxing Day Test, domestic tournaments are also held. Along with this, matches of the English Premier League, and Scottish Premier League have also happened many times on Boxing Day. For the first time in cricket, the Boxing Day match was played in the domestic tournament of Australia in the year 1892. This match was played for the Sheffield Shield, an Australian domestic first-class tournament.

If seen, the first Boxing Day Test was played in Melbourne in the year 1950. This match took place during the Ashes series between Australia and England. Although this match started on 22 December and the 5th day of the match was on Boxing Day (26 December). Since 1980, Melbourne Cricket Ground Australian team has been playing Boxing Day Test continuously. (Note- Australia and Sri Lanka had an ODI match on Boxing Day in Melbourne in 1989). Apart from Australia, teams like South Africa, and New Zealand also like to play matches on Boxing Day.

India has also played many matches

Team India has played a total of 9 Boxing Day Test matches against Australia. These nine Test matches were played in 1985, 1991, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2014, 2018, and 2020. During this, the Indian team won only two matches. At the same time, Australia won five matches while two matches ended in a draw. Apart from this, India has also played Boxing Day Test matches against West Indies (1987), South Africa (1992, 1996, 2006, 2010, 2013, 2021), and New Zealand (1998).

Team India’s Boxing Day Test (matches started on 26 December)

1985 – Australia vs India, Match drawn, Melbourne

1987 – India vs West Indies, Kolkata, match drawn

1991 – Australia vs India, Australia won by 8 wickets, Melbourne

1992 – South Africa vs India, South Africa won by 9 wickets, Port Elizabeth

1996 – South Africa vs India, South Africa won by 328 runs, Durban

1998 – New Zealand vs India, New Zealand won by 4 wickets, Wellington

1999 – Australia vs India, Australia won by 180 runs, Melbourne

2003 – Australia vs India, Australia won by 9 wickets, Melbourne

2006 – South Africa vs India, South Africa won by 174 runs, Durban

2007 – Australia vs India, Australia won by 337 runs, Melbourne

2010 – South Africa vs India, India won by 87 runs, Durban

2011 – Australia vs India, Australia won by 122 runs, Melbourne

2013 – South Africa vs India, South Africa won by 10 wickets, Durban

2014 – Australia vs India, Match Draw, Melbourne

2018 – Australia vs India, India won by 137 runs, Melbourne

2020 – Australia vs India, India won by 8 wickets, Melbourne

2021 – South Africa vs India, India won by 113 runs, Centurion

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