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banana fish season 2 release date, Cast, Plot and Platform


Banana fish season 2 Banana Fish is a 1985 manga series that ran from May 1985 to April 1994. The anime series was quickly one of the year’s finest. Everything about its inaugural season was fantastic, from the animation to the narrative to the music. As a result, immediately following the first film’s conclusion, fans began to clamor for a sequel. Is it thus ever going to reappear? Everything you need to know is included in this article. Banana Fish is a Japanese anime series that focuses on action adventure and crime fighting.

It is a contemporary version of Akimi Yoshida’s criminal manga of the same name. On July 5, 2018, the animated series premiered. It aired 24 times between December 20, 2018, and December 20, 2019. The show’s first season premiered on July 6, 2018, and was an instant smash with lovers of the original material and new viewers. Since then, fans have been waiting for word on a second season, and here’s everything we’ve learned thus far regarding Season.

Will There be Banana Fish Season 2?

Determining whether an anime gets another season depends on three main factors: Popularity, Past Performance, and Source Material.

Popularity: Even considering the top echelon, Banana Fish has unrivaled popularity as it is gaining more fans through the years. So, we can say that its popularity is quite sufficient.

Past Performance: It refers to how the anime’s past season(s) performed in sales and views. Although we’re not sure of the exact numbers, it is not an exaggeration to say that Banana Fish has a spectacular record in sales.

Source Material: Source Material refers to the source of the anime from where it is adapting the storyline like manga, light novels, and games. In this anime’s case, it is manga.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough source material to continue the anime, except for an Epilogue “Garden of Light” and a prequel “Angel Eyes.”

Since there isn’t any source material left to continue the story and the creator, Yoshida uttered these words: “I have no interest in writing sequels. Nothing comes to mind.” So, you can pretty much come to the conclusion that there is no hope for Banana Fish season 2.

Banana Fish Season 2 Cast and Crew

Main Cast Members:

  • Asian Jade Callenreese (Yuuma Uchida)
  • Eiji Okumura (Kenji Nojima)

Crew Members:

  • Original Creator: Yoshida Akimi
  • Director: Hiroko Utsumi
  • Animation Studio: MAPPA
  • Sound Director: Haru Yamada
  • Character Design: Nao Ootsu
  • Music: Shinichi Osawa
  • Series Composition: Hiroshi Seko

Release Date for Banana Fish Season 2

As of the most recent update, neither MAPPA nor any other entity involved in the anime’s development had confirmed the release date for Banana Fish Season 2. Likewise, no announcement has been made regarding the production of a sequel. Once the news is confirmed formally, this post will be updated with pertinent details. Meanwhile, speculations regarding when, or even if, Banana Fish Season 2 would launch are possible. The anime has performed well financially thus far, with Banana Fish Blu-ray sales in Japan outperforming those of other successful anime released in 2018.

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Nothing is guaranteed until MAPPA makes a formal declaration regarding the show’s future. If the anime is revived, the release date for Banana Fish season 2 is currently unknown. We’re keeping an ear to the ground for news regarding Banana Fish’s future, and we’ll update this section as soon as anything noteworthy occurs. Hopefully, some OVA episodes will be produced shortly. Keep an eye out!

Banana Fish Plot:

Banana Fish is a gripping and tragic crime thriller with an intricate and intriguing plot, and the events in the show take place across multiple cities in America.

The show focuses on a young man named Ash Lynx. During the Vietnam War in 1973, when Ash was just a child, Ash’s older brother, Griffin Callenreese, who was serving in the US army, got afflicted by a mysterious madness and opened fire on his squad. When the other squad members managed to subdue Griffin, the young soldier collapsed, uttering the words “banana fish”.

Twelves years after the incident in Vietnam, Griffin. Who is severely mentally handicapped, and lives in New York City under the care of Ash? Who is the leader of a gang of street children? Raised by a Corsican mob boss called “Papa” Dino Golzine, Ash was groomed as a sex slave and heir to his criminal empire. However, Ash’s life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters a dying man who gives him a vial of an unknown substance and an address in California, and with his dying breath, utters the words, “banana fish”.

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