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Anupama Written Chapter Update May 23, 2023: Kinjal’s Decision


Kinjal spoke to Pakhi on the phone and confirmed that he had sent the private photos. Leela continued and asked her to attend her brother’s wedding. The patch was rejecte. Lila hung up angrily. Dippy came in.

Leela says why she came now and not at night. Dimpy remembers Samar saying that rethinking the wedding was their life’s problem. Vanraj asks Dimpy if something is wrong. Dimpy said he’s here to check the regulations. Anuj asked Anupama to hug him tightly as it was a rough road.

Anupama says she is fine on her own. Leela asks Dimpy to go now and come back tonight. Dimpy says they should be together now that they should be together. Leela said she wished that day would come later. Kinjal asks Dimpy to meet Samar in his room.

Lila says let’s prepare the desserts first. Dimpy asks the Shahs to hire servants for the preparations and if they can’t afford it. He asks Anuj to send some servants as Kapadias to visit the hall and relax to enjoy tonight’s ceremony.

Leela says Shah’s house is not Kapadia’s house. They stretch their feet according to who they are, even he must learn to fix it. Dimpy starts arguing with Leela and Dare tries to send her away.

Kinjal said some misunderstandings have clear. Dolly asks Samar if she chose her shervani. Samar says Dimpy will do it. Toshu joked about at least letting them choose their pajamas. Dimpy says Anuj asked the designer to bring Samar’s kebabs and he went to the shop to buy some.

Leela is preparing halva in the kitchen. Dolly walks up to him and tells him to control Dingpi for the peace of the family. But to love him like Boxer and not use Hunter for him. She says not everyone is like Anupama, so she has to be patient with Dimpy. Leela says she will teach Dimpy a lesson when she enters their home as a DIL.

He said he wanted to answer his question, but remained silent. Anupama asks him to speak. She tells what happened when she left Mumbai to meet him. Anupama hugged him very happily.

Anupama emerges from her thoughts and finds herself traveling in Vanraj’s car. He thinks Anuj will tell him the truth if Vanraj doesn’t interfere. He remembers Vanraj stopped Anuj and took him from there. Anuj felt that she did not have the courage to speak, and when she spoke things happened. Anupama thinks important things must be right.

Vanraj tells Anupama that he can’t believe this is Samar’s marriage, how time has passed. Anupama says the whole world knows that children are growing up but parents are late.

Kinjal is ready to go. Toshu tells Kinjal that he wants to talk to her for a long time, but Kinjal ignores him. Kinjal said it means he doesn’t want to talk about it. Toshu said that they are still a couple and everything is back to normal between them.

Kinjal says she can forget but can’t forget him. Toshu says he can forget the past and move on with his life. Kinjal refers to the wet nails analogy and says their relationship is as wet as can be. He cannot prepare for another child to forget his sins. Toshu tells Pari why they can’t continue when they are together.

Kinjal says he doesn’t need it. Toshu angrily hugs him and asks him what he wants while doing his job as DİL. His wife and even cleaning up his mess. Kinjal says he can’t stand it and wants to leave the house after Samar’s wedding.

Saying that they should enjoy every feature, Vanraj asked him to visit America without stopping, this time at any cost. Anupama says she will not. Vanraj asks where he is going to America. Evening mehandi function starts.

Dimpy dances with Kapadias. Lila greets Maya Hasmuk welcomed them all. Anupama casts an evil eye between Samar and Dimpy. Leela says let’s start the ceremony. Anuj and Anupama are ashamed. Maaya says she will apply Anuj’s mehandi name on her hand. Everyone hates him.

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