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A Quiet Place 3: Release Date, Plot, and Everything Else


A Quiet Place has horrified and fascinated audiences for two horror films already. The first title from the epidemic period to break $100 million at the US box office was A Quiet Place 2, one of the finest horror films of 2021, and a real shining star of the year. So it should come as no surprise that A Quiet Place 3 is in the works, and we have all the information you need to know about it.

Living as quietly as possible to escape discovery is necessary in the post-apocalyptic world because extraterrestrial predators (think Demogorgon from Stranger Things-style) hunt down people based on acoustic recognition. If that isn’t the basis for three suspenseful monster flicks, we don’t know what is.

A Quiet Place 3 potential release date:

This timing makes sense given that the spin-off is targeting a 2023 release date, giving a two-year gap between the two which fits the formula that has worked so far for A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II.

A Quiet Place 3 cast:

Nyong’o is set to join the movie’s cast, but it’s unclear if it will also include any of the original “A Quiet Place” stars —



Millicent Simmonds,

Noah Jupe.

No other cast members for the third film have been announced.

A Quiet Place 3 Plot

The events of A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part Two building to this point left the airways open for A Quiet Place 3 to continue the narrative.

Picking off where A Quiet Place Part Two left off, Regan and Emmett try to locate a weird radio transmission they’ve heard playing “Beyond the Sea” on repeat after learning that Regan’s hearing aid feedback is something the aliens are susceptible to. Beware of spoilers! If you haven’t seen it yet, please turn away.

Unluckily, and it wouldn’t be a horror film without it, an alien boarded their boat and followed them to the island. The alien then attacked the survivors and a new character, who we will refer to as Man on Island for the time being. Just in time to save her family back in the bunker, Regan is able to adjust the signal to her hearing aid (we hope). Viewers are left with feedback playing across the radio frequencies. An intense conclusion that might help the human race fight back against the aliens, but it’s not clear if it will be successful.

Jeff Nichols (Mud, Take Shelter) was selected to helm the spin-off, but he has since left the project and is now working on an unnamed title with Paramount. Michael Sarnoski from Pig will be in charge of A Quiet Place Part 3, but other than the fact that it will take place in the same universe, little is known about the story.

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