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20-year-old Miami Heat player Udonis Haslem before Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals: “I am the Heat culture”


Miami Heat – On October 28, 2003, the powerful forward made his NBA debut with the Miami Heat. Nearly 20 years later, Udonis Haslem came in with zero points as one of the 10 players. Who played 20 seasons in the NBA and recorded the most impressive achievements in the sport. Others include basketball legends like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Garnett and Robert Parish. As well as future Hall of Famer and former Heat teammate LeBron James.

The win means Haslem’s swan song himself and the team will arrive in their seventh NBA Finals appearance. This time against the Denver Nuggets. Losing Game 7, Haslem left after winning. Three games and gave “Hot Tradition” to countless of his friends and became one of the league’s most famous roles.

“People think that’s how it should be,” Haslem told Andscape at Kaseya Center on April 24. “It’s not black and white. Most people want to believe it and people want you to believe it, because I’m Dwyane [Wade] or LeBron, I don’t deserve to be the face or person of Miami Heat. Metal, I hope people learn from me, you don’t have to do it their way.

People want to say to me ‘Oh, you’re taking a place’ or this and the third. Can you tell me what to do to help increase success? Because the problem is, if I did what people thought I should do, I wouldn’t be here. If I was successful the way people tell me I should succeed, I wouldn’t be here.

If I tried to live a successful life as people tell me, I wouldn’t be here.

The Heat has six retired jerseys from former Wade players, No. 3; Alonzo Yas, no. 33; Tim Hardaway, No. 10; Chris Bosh, no. 1; Shaquille O’Neal, no. 32; and former NBA great Michael Jordan, #1. James, the top scorer in NBA history, may one day retire from the Heat.

But there’s no doubt that Summer is waiting to retire Haslem’s #1 player. 40 kits a day, maybe early next season.

Only Wade (948) played more Gold in the regular season than Haslem (879). He was never select for the NBA All-Star Game and was never select for any NBA team. Heat” inside and out. Miami. Haslem, who is also a local philanthropist and business leader. Told Andscape that he hopes to be part of Mayor when he retires.

Haslem believes she deserves this opportunity because of her 20 years of influence in Emergency. And sees the success as an inspiration to local residents and her black friends. Heat President Pat Riley, who also coaches

Haslem, said, “U.D.” It caused heat.

Why is now a good time to retire?

I think it’s time. Miami gave everything I could, but I lost a lot too. I lost the concept of time. I have nothing in return. Miami lost both parents.

What do you think you missed?

My son plays games, family events, birthdays, holidays. Just memories. Now I know that when you grow up, when it’s all over, all you have are memories. I was thinking, ‘You will have the time. You will always have the equipment’. Now that I’m older, I know that all you need is memories with these people. Therefore, you need to make sure you create memories.

When did your parents die?

I lost my mother 13 years ago. I lost my father two years ago. So, when you get to that stage in your life where you know, man. All that’s left is memories and then you want to create more with the people you love. So now I just want to create as many memories as possible with the people I love.

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